Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hello My Friends!

Bet ya been wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth, huh? Nope, just been a bit hampered since that fall I took on the 25th of May.  It seems I created some internal bleeding in my titanium knee that took a week to decide to flow in little tracks down the leg (inside and outer side) to pool in my foot making it swell and turn all pretty and psychedelic in colors. Of course, this would happen on a Friday when my doctor's office was closed and I did not want to go to an Emergency Room.  After all, it did not hurt, it was just that my ankle looked ready to burst...so....off the foot and propped up for most of the weekend.  Take a look!
 Inside of my knee
Inside the ankle
Outside the ankle
My right hand
You really cannot see the little trails of blue bruises all the way down the leg, but it was really pretty and still is, but in the darkening and ugly shades of yellow and green now....LOL!  Anyhow, that is the Friday my friend Kaye was coming from west Texas to spend the night. We had not seen each other in about 18 months and were really looking forward to a girls' catch up gab session. (Probably cleaning the house of dust bunnies, making a couple of chicken pot pies etc started the flow down my leg...LOL).  Kaye arrived around 4:30 in the afternoon and we talked until after 10p.m. before going to bed. The "cats" were nice enough to share the bed with this stranger, but kept checking of us all during the night (especially the new little man)..LOL...they are definitely not used to anyone in the bed but them and me...ROFLMAO!!!  Next morning we shared a great breakfast and a pot of coffee before she headed on to east Texas for a "family/cousin" reunion in Tyler. However, I did manage to capture a photo of her with my cell phone and I decided to put her in one of Miss Linda's gorgeous QPs made with one of the free kits by Kyra....doesn't she look great in it?
I wound up staying off the leg for the rest of Saturday and Sunday mostly (cause I was watching Nascar, etc too) and keeping it elevated, but the swelling just did not want to go away, so first thing Monday morning, I called the Dr, but couldn't see him until 3:00 p.m. He examined my knee and told me the titanium would not break so no need for xrays unless my knee got unstable (and I would know if that happened he assured me) but since there was no heat or pain that he was not worried about phlebitis or a clot, but to elevate, stay off of as much as I could and put warm compresses on it and the blood would be reabsorbed in the body.....in a couple of weeks!  So, being as lazy as I am....I used this excuse to stay off it for a few days....and I got caught up with all the programs I had VCR'd ......LMAO!!! Anyhow, it seems to be doing as Dr. T suggested it would, just seems to me to be taking forever!  But, I can stay on it for longer periods now without it ballooning out on me!
We FINALLY got about an inch of rain yesterday and boy are the plants and my grass  happy for the drink. My hibiscus finally put out some more blooms (boy did it...3 of them in fact) and I just had to snap a photo of how large they were. I put a CD up next to it...the bloom is larger....look at this.....

Sorry, should have turned the last one before I posted it, but this is all 3 of the blooms with about 6 more ready to open in another day or so. All the flowers look really perky this morning....and we are supposed to get a few more showers latter part of the week.  We need a few days of them in the slow soaking in type, but those seem to constantly elude us and fall all around and near.  The good thing is it dropped us to 66F this morning...that is one reason the flowers are so alert too!  To be back into the 90's by Wednesday, but a couple of days of cooler with lower humidity is awesome in June in Texas!!!! We will take it and appreciate it!  ROFL here!
Here's another freebie I created using Miriam's awesome wedding kit 2 that you can find on her blog if you would like it.

The border alone or the QP can be found at Miriam's Scraps
Well, enough rambling...lots more to say, but need to move and I know y'all are tired of reading by now. Chat more next time....have a terrific week of making lots and lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs, Mat


  1. My goodness, you've not been having such a great time! Sorry to hear about your leg and foot. I know how awful this can be. Give it as much down time as possible so that it can heal properly.

    Your hibiscus are gorgeous! I love them, but cannot grow them here unless I bring the plant indoors in the Fall for the whole cold season. I just don't have anywhere to keep the plant in the house. We can, however, grow Rise of Sharon. This looks very much like a hibiscus and is part of the same family.

    Your scrap layout is really nice. Your friend looks very happy. It's good that you were able to spend some time with her.

    You get well now, and have a great evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. OH BOY, OH BOY!!!!!! You made a terrific fall seeing how your knee, leg and hand appreciated it LOL! JNo, not nice of me to say it, but girl, it doesn;t look pretty at all. Amazing how those things always seem to happen just before a weekend, so that you cannot visit your doctor!!
    Glad to hear, no damage is done to your knee, but now be careful and give it time to heal, It will take time, to take the swelling off, and you should take and give it that time, to prevent having another fall or something else happening to your leg!!
    Wonderful you had a great time with your friend,
    But now you will have just to hop around in the house when it is absolutely necessary and stay off that leg as much as you can.
    I am jealous about your hibiscus! Gorgeous! I fear that it will be hard to keep them in our climate, specially over the winter, but always can give it a try. We were once in Malta and there they had enormous bushes of about 2 mtr. high standing along the roads and in the gardens. Awesome!
    Lovely layout you've made. Linda makes such beautiful quickpages, she always amazes me over and over again.
    Okay, stay safe now girl, have a lovely week, full of rest for your leg with the swelling,

  3. Meu Deus, querida amiga Mat!
    Eu não tinha visto essas imagens!
    Foi terrível, amiga!
    Espero que você esteja melhor agora e que tudo volte ao normal.
    Espero que seu fim de semana seja tranquilo e com muito alegria e tranquilidade!
    Um grande abraço, Neli.

  4. My God, dear friend Mat!
    I had not seen these pictures!
    translated by Google...

    It was terrible, girlfriend!
    Hope you are better now and everything returns to normal.
    Hope your weekend is very quiet and joy and peace!
    A big hug, Neli.