Thursday, June 26, 2014

Goodbye My "Little Man"

Today I am so sad and heartbroken as I said goodbye to my "little man" Tommy.  His kidney failure was just too big an obstacle to overcome. He gave it a valiant try, but he just couldn't quite make it. He died in my arms knowing he was truly loved for the short period of time he was allowed to be here. He chose me as his caretaker and I loved him dearly. He brought me lots of love and joy in this past year. I will always love you my "little man". Rest In Peace and run and play with "Butch" while you wait for me and the "girls"!


  1. Oh Mat, may hearts aches with you! So sorry to hear about Tommy! Only good thing is that he died in your arms, how sad it may be, but for him a good feeling, I am sure! Gosh, I am writing this really with tears in my eyes, cause I know damm"well how one is feeling these moments!
    I am sure your other fur babies will miss him too.
    A lovely poem on the layout for Tommy.
    Come here, I will give you a big hug, you surely need one!

  2. I'm so sorry Mat. And I agree with Kyra. Although his life was short, he has been able to experience what love is .....

  3. Oh Mat, I too am so sorry for your loss. Tommy was so young. At least he was in your arms and knew how loved he was. I'll say a prayer and put a lit candle in my window for him.

    I know the heartbreak of losing our fur babies, and I'm sending you a hug. Your memorial layout is simply beautiful. His time was short, but look at all the beautiful memories he left for you.

    Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Oh, minha querida amiga Mat!
    Sinto muito pela sua perda, cara amiga!
    Eu também perdi meu cocker spaniel Nick há uma semana . É muito triste quando perdemos estes nossos filhotes animais.
    Espero que você se recupere logo de sua perda, minha amiga!
    Um grande abraço, Neli.

  5. Oh, my dear friend Matt!
    translated by Google

    I'm sorry for your loss, dear friend!
    I also lost my cocker spaniel Nick a week ago. It is very sad when we lose our puppies these animals.
    I hope you recover soon from your loss, my friend!
    A big hug, Neli.