Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Again!!

Here it is, Monday again!  I surely had a very relaxed and lazy games Saturday and Sunday and the Golden o body was nice and relaxed...until I got up this morning chasing dust bunnies with the broom and then the vacuum came out to run the cats off so I could mop the whole house without little paw prints...really got my blood flowing and warmed me up real quickly....LOL! You goof off a couple of days and you have to pay for it later!
The game Saturday with the Patriots was a fantastic game right to the last minute and then the Packers/Cowboy game on Sunday was a nail biter right to the beloved Boys lost, but was happy the Pack won (they are my second favorite team so I didn't lose...LOL). We had a better team this year and can look forward to a good one next year. Sorry Peyton lost too, but I've had a feeling for awhile it would be Seattle vs New England in the Super Bowl. Next week will tell if I am right! Tonight we are hosting the College playoff between Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks at AT&T Stadium.
We've had some really chilly weather along with the rest of the unusual for us! I have been trying my best to stay inside, away from crowds and sick folks...but I still think I am trying to catch a cold. Been sneezing and blowing my nose all day! Don't have time for this!  BTW, I will be having these pesky cataracts removed next month...that will help a lot I hope.  It is hard to drive when you have to close one eye to be able to focus and that really screws up the depth perception.  If I sit too long in front of the computer screen or on my iPad or iPhone I really have trouble seeing....the TV is not as bad as it is further away I guess!
I did turn the computer on for a few minutes on Saturday before the games started and downloaded 2 really cute QPs that must have come from the same kit as they are similar, but by totally different designers. I just had to make a couple of pages, I think I will use them as a double page layout in my book. The first is of my sister Kathy and her grandkids in the page made by Miss Boots at Random Thoughts and the second one is by Fecnikek of Penny's grandkids (With them in December and the other with Papa last January...haven't they grown?)
Got a photo sent to me this morning by Amy of Annabeth after the sonogram....the photo says it all....! I used a QP by Neli at Lugar Encantado with Alpha by Granny Enchanted
Well, all my news is gone, the Ace Cannon album I had playing in the background is over and it's time for me to rest my will stop for more with ya next time. Y'all have a good week and make lots and lots and lots of memories to share.  Hugs, Mat


  1. Happy upir are okay so far with no real flu or serious cold!
    yeah, having some lazy days are lovely, but as you say, we pay for it afterwards LOL.
    but one consolotation, not all has to be done in one day, right?
    Soppy weather overhere, this morning raining like cats and dogs, with some wind blowing as extra. Hope it will be somewhat better in the afternoon, as jan has to go out having a scan in hospital.
    Hope you will have still some more quiet days,enjoying your fur babies, printing their paw prints all over again LOL!

  2. Gosh, I'll be oh so glad to see the temperatures get back to normal on an even keep basis. One never knows what the temperatures will be like from one day to another this year.

    You have a lot of patience my friend. If it were me, I'd be wanting an eye appointment right away. I just don't have a lot patience for waiting. Here's hoping the time goes by quickly and you'll be having your cataract removed soon.

    Your layouts are beautiful. And yes, children grow so quickly. If we don't pay attention, they turn into young adults right before our eyes. That Annabeth is simply precious!

    You stay warm, and hopefully better temps will be on the way soon. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Bom dia, querida amiga Mat!
    Obrigada pela visita, você é sempre bem vinda.
    Mat, eu fiz cirurgia de catarata aos 48 anos de idade e é muito bom enxergar bem outra vez! Você vai ver como é bom ver tudo com claridade.
    Estou controlando a hipertensão com o medicamento que o médico receitou, mas normalmente a pressão sobe quando durmo.
    Muito obrigada por suas lindas e carinhosas palavras sobre os trabalhos que faço, você também faz coisas lindas!
    Querida amiga, uma semana linda sem muito frio por aí, ok?
    Abraços, Neli.

  4. translated by Google..

    Good morning, dear friend Matt!
    Thanks for visiting, you are always welcome.
    Matt, I made cataract surgery at 48 years old and is very good to see well again! You will see how good it is to see everything clearly.
    I'm controlling hypertension with medication that the doctor prescribed, but usually the pressure rises when I sleep.
    Thank you for your beautiful and kind words about the work I do, you also make beautiful things!
    Dear friend, a beautiful week without too cold out there, okay?
    Hugs, Neli.