Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Good Sunday Morning Y'all! Hope all of you are having a blessed weekend and enjoying yourselves! I spent way too many hours at my computer yesterday scrapping pages and enjoying the AC...LOL! Today, I will not do that (yeah right!). I've got all my chores (that I intend to do) done, have taken my shower, changed my bed linens and fed all the animals and birds, watered my hibiscus plants and cleaned all the litter boxes, so after I finish this post...I will be reading until time for the NASCAR races....Lazy right?  After all is it Sunday and that is the day for relaxing....and since my heat threshold is low, I plan to stay out of the 90+ temps outside and enjoy my book and my fur babies all cuddled up around me.
Anyhow, here are some of the photo's I scrapped yesterday and the day before...I am giving my neck, shoulder, butt and hands a rest now. I have linked the designers sites if you want to visit them, just click on the designers name.

My nephew Jeff and his bride Tiff were in Key West, Florida for his work and sent this photo of the sunset from the beach to his mom Kathy.  She, in turn,  sent it to me and asked for a here they are in a pretty QP from Manu Scraps using her kit Smell the Sea.
Sweet Sisters....Annabeth and Eliza in a template by OklahomaDawn.  Amy was trying to get photos of them together...she took the bottle of juice from Annabeth, not a happy camper in the photo on the right, so she gave it back to her, thus the satisfied photo on the left and her giving Eliza her bottle and kisses!
This photo Amy took of Annabeth coloring...the QP is a freebie from the Digital Scrapbooking Studio and is called the Joy of Art so I thought it appropriate and the colors looked good too.  The alpha is from the Shades of Summer collaboration at the Studio.
I created this page from Kyra's Kit Solange at With A Russian Dutch Heart to display sweet Eliza.

These two pages are the same...just one I desaturated the center photo...the photo is of the 50th wedding anniversary (6 years ago) of Christina's grandparents...I created the background using a free texture by HGDesigns and the wordart is by Wordart World.
This is the Sunny QP I created using Miriam's Scraps MK20 and have it for free on her site if you want it.
OK, been in this chair long enough so am off here...y'all have a fantastic Sunday and make lots and lots of memories to more next time.  Hugs, Mat


  1. You deserved the rest and lazyness after all you have done in the house!!
    I am lazy too, considering my blog. I don;t spent so much time at the computer, that is to say, blogging or designing, but at times play some games on it, or look up some things a "research"and then you easily get sidetracked.
    And it is a pity to stay inseide all the time, with our lovely summerweather at the moment.
    But I can understand you like to stay in with those high temperatures. Enjoy all the scrapping, don;t overdo, your shoulders and butt will tell you when to stop LOL!
    Have a wonderful day and week,

  2. Goodness, you've been wicked busy! And then you scrapped all these beautiful layouts! Gosh, after doing just one of these things, I'd be all tuckered out and in need of a nap.

    I hope the three digit temps let up soon. They must make daily projects so uncomfortable. When it gets to 90 degrees here, I've already wilted.

    Today is a rainy day here with comfortable temps. All the flowers are drooping from all the water, but my grass is going crazy growing!!

    Well, I think I should get busy and get at least one chore done for today. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.