Friday, June 19, 2015

Wow...Bill wreaked havoc!

OK...enough with the rain already.  Tropical Storm Bill came ashore on the south Texas coast dropping about 11 inches of rain...during the night it was down graded to a tropical depression and by the time it got to us in north Texas we only got between 3-6 inches of house 3.23 my flooding was only a small river running through the back yard!  Thank goodness I had a little bit of notice as I got the shovel out and did some clean up from the flooding in May.   We are still experiencing some flooding as the depression moves on north into Oklahoma.  We got quite a bit of wind damage and power it created havoc with my TV and internet service.  I did some scrapping to pass the time of being indoors....LOL...I will use any excuse right? ROFLMAO!!!! Anyhow, here are some of the pages I did.
Is this sweet or what? Just another version of same photo for Amy with both girls info on the "bracelets" This QP was assembled using freebies from the Pixel Scrapper Baby Oh Baby Blog Train
This is a request from Jade of her Brownie Troop.  I used freebie from Auntie M Designs for her page and a photo of her sash and her troop from Christina's Facebook page.
This was Ruby receiving her certificate to become a Daisy with her vest with all her patches and the small photo of Christina with her patch as she will become a Daisy leader this fall.  This, too, was created using free kits from Auntie M. Designs and Christina's photos.
Earlier this month poor Jayson had to go to Emergency to have his foot xrayed, thankfully he only sprained it, but he looked so tiny in this big wheelchair and so proud of his "boo-boo" wrapped, that I just had to create a page for him too.  This is a combination of Auntie M background and a long ago cluster from Just So Scrappy.
And last but not least I created this using freebies from Pixel Scrapper to place where my immediate line of family resides...I am the oldest on the Adkins side now and my cousin Nancy on the Bowlin side, we are 6 months apart in age, neither of us have children either! These are my 2 sisters and their families, my brother's daughter and my first cousins. I live the farthest west....LOL!

And here are a couple of creations I did as freebies on Miriam's Scraps if you are interested in them....
Well, off here for a bit, got some things that must be taking the trash out for pickup, the recycle bin too and washing feeding bowls to get ready for the afternoon feeding of the fur babies....also, I think I should eat a bite too! Y'all have a great day and will chat with you again real soon.  Make lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs, Mat

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  1. It never comes the way we like, isn;t it? Longing for rain you get suddenly liters and liters more, glad you didn;t had a real flooding, but still, ......
    There is ALWAYS a good excuse to find to do something we really like, like you are doing the layouts LOL!
    Never mind, as long as it all keeps a smile on our faces, why bother if all dust bunnies are removed, and such??
    Oh, I think I stop commenting for now, I am in a strange mood, nly making little jokes and funny remarks . ope we can do aomething in the garden today, yesterday it wasn't all too great weather.
    Have a lovely day and weekend Mat!