Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy!!

Okay, this post is titled lazy, lazy, lazy and that is exactly what I have been lately!  I think with all this up and down crazy weather (and the time change too) my system is just out of whack and I've had a good case of the "I Don't Care" attitude! ROFLMAO!!! At least I am being honest about my long absence from posting here! Even my pajama top today says Nope, Still Don't Care! Part of the problem was due to being out of a medication that I was told was risky for my age (GRRR) so when I ran out, I didn't renew it.  Talked with my doctor and he said I couldn't just stop it and that it was okay for me and put me back on it. (All the while he was lambasting the insurance company and the pharmacist for telling me it was risky) He knows my medical history as well as I do and says the risks don't apply to ALL in that age group and certainly not me, so now that I am back on it for 10 days so far, I'm feeling more like me again....YAY!!
I did this page on the 1st of March for the birthday of my Niece In Law, Tiffany. I don't remember who all I used, but the paper and overlay are by Miriam (I recolored).
 I did a couple of scrap pages yesterday for a couple of my friends that are celebrating their birthdays today! Just put them up on Facebook to wish them a happy day. Here they are!
This is my friend Kaye, first boss I had after moving to Texas and my longest friend here! I love her dearly, just wish we saw each other more than once or twice a year. (She moved further west a few years back to care for her aging parents) I used a couple of different freebies from BooLand Designs and my most favorite photo of her!
My "cuz" Laura (aka Sugar) in a lovely QP freebie from ADB Designs at Digital Scrapbooking Studio!
This is my ex-step granddaughter Lindsey with her new daughter born on the 2nd. I used several different designers to create this page (forgot to write them all down) and today is also Lindsey's birthday, so a Big Happy Birthday to all 3 of you!
This is my ex-husband's great granddaughter born on March 2. Adelaide is with her grandma Denah in this frame created using a frame by Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli.
Adored this photo of Jade and just had to scrap it for my book. She is actually trying to hide that she has lost a couple of teeth, but a little smile is creeping in anyway!
Of course I had to make cutie patootie Ruby a page too, she was getting ready to get on the school bus!
And her is Mr. Cool with his tie on for his school photo shoot. Should be getting those photos from the kids soon.
Maggie had posted these photos of Wayne crying for a ride on Daddy's big tractor and I wanted to put them all on a page together. I used a free template with a couple of changes.  Will have to check and see who gifted it.
I was tidying my computer and ran across this QP I had stashed and just had to use it. I put Annabeth outside watching Papa with Eliza inside.
Amy sent some cute photos that she had taken of the girls posing for her and I created a couple of pages for her using them. Here are some more.....

I created this last one using several kits by Miriam and recoloring some elements. The one above is a freebie by Fecnikek.
This was a special RAK for my cuz "Sugar" I had done earlier in the month, forgot I would be making a birthday page for her for today! The cluster frame is from DigiDesignResort.
This one I created yesterday for a photo that Amy sent of the girls with their lap desks and "no mess" paint books. The WA is by Poki and the background paper is vintage pink by Cajoline Scraps.
And lastly, I finally took photos of my 5 blog books (2008-2016) I have had published (and my one Social Book from Facebook) to show to Miss Edna. I always use the same color and format for the blog books, just different front and back cover photos.Even, though I have been in a foul mood, I did manage a few pages. I want to thank all the designers that so generously share their talent with me so that when I get a chance, I can scrap something rather quickly.
Hope all of you are well and are having a marvelous weekend making memories to share! Will chat more next time. Hugs to all! Mat

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  1. Your books look awesome. I keep my book covers the same too, just change the front and back cover photos on each book. I think these are a wonderful way to leave a bit of us behind for family.

    Your layouts are beautiful. I've been following them on FB. Somehow I just don't seem to find the time to get back to my scrapping pages, but at least I have my blog books.

    I'm home now and feeling much better. I missed my little Pogo so. Such a home coming he gave me!!!

    Mat, in our retirement years, jammies are an acceptable for daily wear. Not for shopping, of course, but for hanging around the house and yard. So enjoy!!!

    Now I'm off to tackle my new meds. You have a wonderful week, hugs, Edna B.