Thursday, May 18, 2017

Okay, been too busy to post!!!

I have been so swamped, I can't even begin trying to remember all that has happened since my last post! First off, the 30th of April was a HORRIBLE day for me. Remembering the loss, 2 years ago, of friend Dave Wooten in a motorcycle accident only to receive shocking news of another loss of a much BELOVED friend, Lena Bryant, in a motorcycle accident in North Carolina. So sad because I could not go to express my respect, but I did create a memory page that I posted.  The top photo was taken on Dauphin Island and the bottom one is of her on her lovely trike that she was driving when she had the accident.  This lovely lady took me to therapy 3 times a week for 6 weeks when I had my right knee replaced in 2004! She was also instrumental in my purchase of the other side of the duplex, she will be truly missed by her husband, daughters and grand children, Rest In Peace my friend! Love you!
Next day, I lost a scrapbooking/internet friend and had another scare with my 94 year old neighbor Dorothy! I was also commissioned to create a wedding album for a co-worker of my sister Penny that took a few days to create and assemble for printing. Also had all my yearly Mother's Day pages to do and graduations, birthdays and anniversaries are jammed into almost every day of May (including mine this coming Saturday)! So, here are the pages I've created for these occasions, so far!
This handsome bud celebrated his birthday on the 7th
Amy & Michael celebrated 7 yrs of wedded bliss on the 8th and his birthday on 13th (had a large throw pillow created and sent to them)
My friend Michelle graduated from a 2 year nursing course on the 13th too
My mother's memory page for Mother's Day the 14th
My sister Kathy's page of her 2 sons-daughters-in-law and 3 grand kids (had this made into a jigsaw puzzle for Kat)
Kathy's DIL, Christina, with her 3
My brother's family page, his daughter Sebrina with her honey Jeffrey and his son Thomas
My sis Penny's page of her children and her 5 grandchildren (Sent her a canvas too)
Nephew Lance's lovely wife, Maggie and their 3 kiddos
My niece Amy and her 2 girls
My friend Jannette's fur babies wishing her a Purr-fect Meowmy day too!
The 17th was Lance & Maggie's 9th Anniversary (had this put on canvas and sent to her)
Today is Christina's birthday (had this put on canvas and sent to her)
And today is Mike & Jannette's 2nd Anniversary....Whew, I think that is all the pages to date.

My renters had a yard sale last Saturday and Sunday that brought a lot of people around that I had to watch out for and not allowing disruption-stressing my kitty cats inside and out....LMBO!

I also got good news, my SIL, Inez and her hubby Larry, are selling out in Massachusetts and relocating back to Texas! Yippee, she will only be about 30 minutes southwest of me and I can visit with her again after all these years of just chatting on the phone! Love, love, love it!

The severe flooding in Missouri had me worried about my sister Kathy (lives in IL at St.Louis area) her children and grandkids also in the area and another friend, Teri and her family a little further south of there.

We have had some rough weather with lots of high wind and high humidity, but very little rain right here, but this late afternoon and evening is supposed to take care of that, will see since all the others were to do the same, but seemed to split and go all around us...LOL we are never satisfied are we?

Well, guess I needed a break, but wish it had not all come at I need to catch up with some blogs I have sorely neglected and reorganize some files on my computer and get them backed up!  Also have a few more pages to construct for more birthdays like, my doctor and friend tomorrow, my little grandniece, Eliza, my sister Kathy and my friend Jill are all celebrating before the end of the month and Memorial Day and Father's Day is just around the corner....O My, so much to do and I am just getting slower and slower at doing things....ROFLMAO!!

Off now, got to run to the store for fur baby food and get back here before storms really do start! Y'all have a fabulous rest of the week and make lots and lots more memories to share! Chat more next time, Hugs to all! Mat


  1. Really sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I can imagine it was a shock, and then on top the loss of your scrapbook friend. Gosh that is more than enough for a long time.
    Good to hear that there were also nicer things to pay attention too and you did lots of work on the scrapping!
    You are making lots of pages, where do you find the energy and time?
    My energy level is going up, slowly, but not yet on the level I want. Perhaps it will never come back to that level and will have to live with that. LOL.
    First I will try to make a little post and then prepare dinner for later and if the sun will be good and stays on, perhaps have a little break in the garden.
    ave a wonderful day and week, my friend

  2. Good Mornin' Mattie, You have a ton of beautiful pictures there. And a beautiful family!. We are getting some really HOT days this week (111 for Fri, Sat, & Sun). I'm watching my daughter's house and taking care of her 2 doggies while she's out of town. Thanks for AC! Stay inside and stay cool.