Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Monday Morning Y'all!

Here it is Monday again, hot, hot, hot and gonna get hotter still...105+ today! Started out at 84 this morning...I awoke at 3:45 a.m. to turn my AC temp down 2 degrees so I could sleep! Didn't help much, but finally cooled enough that I dropped off again about 5:00 then got up at 6:00 as Pumpkin was giving me heck about being hungry! Now they are all fed, bathed and tired from playing and are all in here with me napping!!
While here Saturday, Scotty took some photos of MzKitty who really did a lot of posing and cavorting for him and some close ups of Pumpkin too, but Oreo was having none of it...she stayed away from the kids and under the bed the whole time they were here! I'll share some of them later in the week with y'all!
I downloaded Miss Linda's latest QP yesterday and just had to use it, so I put Miss Hayden in it...seems to fit pretty good don't ya think?Thanx so much Miss Boots for sharing your awesome work with all of us, I so appreciate it!
Amy sent me a photo from her phone that she had taken of her daddy and Hayden asleep on the bed and I just had to make a page of it too...this is as clear as I could get the photo. The wordart is a freebie I downloaded from Craft Crave, sorry no TOU with it.the kit is called My Broken Heart by Cuddlebeez!
Also while Scotty was here with his telephoto lens to his new camera.....I asked him to take a couple of the new babies in my back yard. There is a 6' ladder leaning against the wall just outside my back door. On the top a mourning dove made her nest and now she has 2 babies that are not quite a week old in it! So here is one of the shots he got under Mom's watchful eyes...we did not want to get too close and disturb anything...I love the shot! I used a kit called blues and browns by Cuddlebeez for this one and a butterfly brush that I had downloaded a while back. I will try keeping tabs on them as I set water out for them in this heat!
Well, guess I will shut down for now, got to get my shower and my hair done as I have my FINAL exam this morning on my shoulder! Can you believe it? Wednesday will be a whole year since they did the repairs to it!! Been a long year in one respect and a flash in another! Anyhow, wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead and whatever you choose...make sure you make it memorable! Chat more later! Luv y'all! Mat

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