Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yippee, Yippee, Yippee!

Hey Miss Boots, it worked, that cooler air you sent this way actually got here! It stayed cloudy, rainy and cool (89) all day yesterday and it was 73 this morning! Such a nice break from the triple digits. It's not staying around long, but for 2 days we will definitely enjoy it. That means the barn gets cleaned out of all the cut pieces of wood and vinyl flooring, sawdust, etc in time for the trash truck tomorrow. Supposed to only get to 91 today after the clouds burn off, then back to the middle to upper 90's for the weekend, but hey, while it is here, gonna get some much needed outside stuff done.
The "girls" and I moved the dining area around to make more room in there, but still not sure I like it, may get moved back or in another direction this evening...LOL! I need to go by the post office for stamps and mail out statements today, so will go by and check the mail at the office while out I suppose so that I won't have to go back again until Monday!
Gotta go get yet another sympathy card to mail too! Will it ever slow down? My best friend in high school (and still today), Libby, lost her wonderful gentle soulmate Walter yesterday morning. I snitched this photo of them that was taken at the 45th class reunion on July 17th to make a memory page for her. Spoke with her a while last evening, she seems to be holding up well with all her family, friends and loved ones around.
Well, off to tackle the barn, then a shower, then get these errands out of the way while I have some cooler weather! Whatever you choose to do today, make it memorable and enjoy yourself, your family, your friends. Chat more next time. Luv, MatI used browns & blues kit by Cuddlebeez for this page, Thanx Brenda for sharing!

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