Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reconnecting with a beloved friend!

O what fun it is to reconnect with friends from long ago. This is my ex-sister-in-law Inez. What a fun loving and wonderful person she is. We reconnected a little over a week ago and have been sharing lots of memories over the phone. Just last evening, we talked for over an hour and a half. Just feeling good about it today, so thought I would make a quick page for her with a photo I am sure she will remember. I took this probably 25+ years ago. The color has faded some, but I tried to brighten and lighten it a little before putting it in the QP I made using a BG by Dinphy and the frame cluster by LLC. Thanx ladies for the freebies. I hope you enjoy it Inez, love ya bunches and really would love to see you sometime soon. OK, I know it is the weekend, so all of you...get busy making memories! Chat more later, Mat

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