Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just a couple new pages

This is cutie pie Hayden with her handsome daddy! I created this page from a couple of kits of Angelscrappers with an overlay of my photo of the aeriated pool at the Water Gardens and my WA
I did this page for Christina with copies of photos I snitched from her FB account, the page is a freebie and WA is also a freebie with no TOU
This is my girls in a freebie QP with freebie WA from Jenn in a Blogtrain.
This I did of Dylan and Stephanie in the Japanese Tea Gardens a couple of weekends ago...just blended about 3 of them together. The WA is Miss Linda's.
Got too much going on to write right now, so catch you later, make it a memorable day! Luv, Mat

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