Sunday, July 22, 2012

Road Trip 2012-Part 2

After visiting with family and friends, we did a little sight seeing! Amy had requested to see the Bristol Motor Speedway where NASCAR we rode around it, took some photos, did State Street where you can be in 2 states at once (Bristol, TN and Bristol, VA).  We headed out next morning for Illinois with a stop in Johnson City, TN (for a visit to the cemetery where my dad is) on through Nashville, into Kentucky and arrived in Mascoutah, IL at our hotel. Hayden loved the big bridges and was excited every time we went over one. After unloading and resting a few minutes, we headed over to sister's house (Kathy & Jim) where we visited and ate lots of terrific Chinese food. We got to see their son Jeff and his wife Tiff. This was first time for Amy, Margaret and Hayden to meet Kathy and her family. (Jason, Christina, Jade, Ruby and Jayson could not be there because of Jason's work schedule and Christina having a surgical procedure the next morning). We sat outside enjoying the conversation and lightning bugs until Hayden was tired (and so were we from so much riding) and Jeff & Tiff were tired from working all day so called it a night. Here are a couple of photos that either I or Margaret took during the trip. More to follow later...Luv, Mat
Bristol Motor Speedway

State Street, VA flag left, TN flag right

Entering Kentucky

Illinois State Line



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