Monday, July 30, 2012

Road Trip 2012 Part 3

 Let's see if I can still remember some of this trip....(as if I could ever forget it...LOL)...but I have slept a few times since, been so busy trying to catch up, doing a little designing, watching the Olympics...and oh yes, watching more of the Olympics (can you say addict?)!
Since this was the first time that Kathy met Amy, Margaret and Hayden, I made a couple of special remembrance pages using a kit by Lesley at Scrapiness Down Under from 7-24-12 and used Miss Linda's words at Random Thoughts. I failed to take a lot of photos here as we were all too busy talking and eating and having fun. I did not get any photos of Jim, Jeff or Tiffany...darn it! But here is one of Kathy with Hayden and then one of Amy, part of Margaret, Hayden and Penny along with her reflection...LOL! (She is gonna kill me for this one!)

Next installment will be the trip into St. Louis, MO, the arch and meeting with Christina, Jade, Ruby and Jayson! Stay tuned...this is all for now as I have a busy day scheduled for today. Gotta beat this heat! We are under severe heat advisory until tomorrow night (bet they extend it)! To be another 105 F day like yesterday! Did not cool under 85 over night either! Summer in Texas!! Anyhow, y'all have a great week ahead and I'll check back with ya soon. Keep making those memories to share! Luv, Mat

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