Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 more days! Christmas!!

Got out and raked my front lawn this morning, soooooooo many acorns you could not even walk on the lawn or sidewalk. They are so large that when you step on one it will turn your ankle. I hope the trash people will be able to lift the is so very heavy! I had to drag way I could lift it....LOL! Yep, I am a wimp and my shoulders and biceps know I have been raking too!
Got to deliver gifts to my boss and her family as well as my friend Jill and her family! Had a good visit with both. My boss gave me my bonus and her grand daughters (4 & 2) had to perform for my attention. They are sooooooo cute! Things were a little quieter at Jill's house. Got to play with her kitties and chat for about an hour. She gave me the cutest T-shirt with 3 "girl" cats all dressed up (for my 3 fur girls) and a terrific pair of Betty Boop Bedroom booties! They are so soft. Then I had to get home to feed my girls and all the outside kitties before dark.
I had forgotten to eat today as I was so busy doing last minute errands, so I made me some nachos and drank a cold beer. Sat down on the couch and next thing I knew, the phone woke me (an hour later)! Got up finished cleaning the kitchen, ran the vacuum, took a shower and decided to post before going to bed (have to let my hair dry some).
Here's my sister Penny's family for this year's Christmas photos. Since I have a party tomorrow (Nina's) and one on Monday (Janette's) too, and Teri is coming over on Christmas day so thought I had better do this one before I forgot to! This finishes my family Christmas photos for another year. Hope all of you have a beautiful weekend and make lots and lots of memories to share. Will hopefully pop in on Christmas day with my wishes for all of you! Until then....Luv, Mat
Penny and Weymond in a page by Lanell at Never Forget Memories. Sorry no TOU with the Word art!
Lamar and I in a page made by Margreit. This photo was made a couple of years back when he came to N. Texas with his collage band and I went to see him.
Lance, Margaret and Hayden in a lovely QP by Neli! You can find links to all these generous designers in my Favorites on the right. All their gifts are free.
Miss Amy and her hubby Michael in a page called Green bird by Marijja!
And another of Miss Hayden all by herself in a QP by Scrappie Irene using a Raspberry Road Design called Christmas Cookies.

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  1. Love your Christmas family layouts. One of these days I really should get back to scrapping more pages too.

    About all we have to rake up is dried up leaves. Hopefully, the squirrels got any acorns that may have been somewhere in the yard. We do put food out for them just in case. It keeps them happy and they leave the bird feeder alone. lol.

    Pogo and I want to wish you and your girls a wonderfully Happy and Blessed Christmas.
    Hugs, Edna B.