Friday, December 14, 2012

Yipee! RAIN!! Finally!

It's raining and we are to get more this evening! We so need it! Wasn't too happy about driving in it with dilated eyes (eye exam today), but slow and steady works....LOL! Slow? not in the DFW area where slow is 50 mph and you still get run over! Thankfully, my ophthalmologist's office is only about 5 miles away! Of course it is a cold rain, so I have my little fireplaces going and am snug as a bug right now, just the "girls" and I watching it rain!
Wow, got all 3 of my boxes mailed out yesterday...done with my Christmas shopping! Went out for dinner and had a fabulous Mexican meal where I ate too much too late and did not sleep well! But better now, got great news from the doctor that my eyes are VERY healthy and I only have a slight change to my glasses! So I am finished with doctors, ophthalmologist, dentists, etc for another year! Got all my meds refilled before year end too! Now I can just coast and enjoy the holidays for sure! LOL!
I have been designing and scrapping a little, but now I can get serious about it! ROFL! I am going to do my family Christmas pages by each family unit this year. First up is my sister's (Kathy) oldest son Jason, his wife Christina, their 3 children Jade-Ruby-Jayson and their kitty cat Sarah! Hope you enjoy these!
Jason with the 3 kids in a free QP by my friend Neli in Portugal. She has some lovely free gifts, you can find her link in my list of favorite blogs on the right.
Here is Christina with the 3 kids in a free QP by LLC called Cozy Winter.
This is Jade (who turns 6 tomorrow) in a page I created using Kyra's (RDH) A Taste of Christmas and Arlene's Christmas Cheer (RDH) cluster. There are fabulous freebies 3 times a week at RDH, you can find on the right under With A Russian Dutch Heart!
Chocolate smeared face of Ruby (who will be 4 on the 31st) is in a QP by Miss Edna that was in the World Wide Christmas Blog Train 2012. Miss Edna also has a freebie kit each month and her link is in my favorite blogs on the right as well!
Cutie pie Jayson (15 months old) is peeking through a window at Santa. This QP is also by Neli. Jayson had been eating dirt when his mother snapped this photo.
Jade and Ruby visiting with Santa last year! This beautiful freebie QP is by Miss Boots (My Blog Fairy). Linda has lots of freebies at her Random Thoughts Site that you can find in my favorites too!
And last but not least, Sarah! Christina snapped this photo of her in the Christmas tree,  look how large her eyes are. Her first Christmas! She is a stray that was looking for a home! She is in a page I put together from 2 different kits, background and frame is from Manu b's fur & feathers kit. The cluster is by Arlene using RDH kit Christmas is Harmony and the Santa is from that kit as well. (I did a QP from this kit that is free at Miriam's Scraps if you are interested)
I thank all these fabulous designers for their lovely work that they share so generously! I also thank Christina for allowing me to snatch her Facebook photos of the kids. I so hope they enjoy all the gifts I just sent their way! Will all be under Kathy's tree for Christmas for them.
I wish Jade a very happy birthday tomorrow and also to my boss's granddaughter Maithalie who will be 5 tomorrow as well! To the rest of you, hope you have a fantastic weekend of making lots of memories to share with the rest of us! Happy Scrapping! More next time! Luv, Mat


  1. your layouts are great Mat! I haven,t done hardly any scrapping in the last month. Hopefully after christmas I get my MoJo back. LOL
    I think I finished most of my christmas shopping today, just a couple last minute things. I do have to get for my mom and Jims mom yet, probably tomorrow, if we don't get the storm that they are talking about. We might get some of your rain instead of snow.
    have been watching the news- about the school shootings, it makes you wanta cry!
    Have a great weekend, talk to you later.
    Hugs Donna

  2. I agree, your layouts are wonderful. You've really been busy. One of these days, I'll have to get back to scrapping too. The look on that kitty's face is just precious! I love watching the delight and mischief on an animal's face when they get into the Christmas trimmings. They are so like little children.

    Now I have to program the new remote control for the Dwarf's TV. They have all been pouting since the remote broke yesterday. lol. You have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Oh my, you have been busy scrapping! I love them all, but the best I think is of the kitty under the tree LOL!
    Like Edna, I will have some day get back to scrapping too. Have lots of photo's(many of my garden, but also of some walks we've made that are still waiting. Just cannot get to it.
    Glad your eyes are still goo denough. One worry less. Me too have to get some medicine before the end of the year, then all should be done (almost) to have a nice and quiet Christmas, just watching tv, or may be a bit of designing too, and just preparing something to eat.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Que lindo está seu blog!
    Eu já havia comentado sobre a decoração de Natal que você fez para ele , eu gostei muito, muito mesmo e agora com essas fotos de sua família nesses frames, está mais lindo ainda!
    Gostei muito do que Você fez com as imagens da Kira.
    Querida amiga, fique muito chocada com a notícia terrível do que aconteceu naquela escola aí no seu país.É muito triste quando essas coisas acontecem.
    No ano passado aconteceu algo muito parecido aqui no Brasil.
    Mat, tem mais um kit de Natal, depois vai lá no meu blog, tem coisas bonitas no Kit.
    Amiga querida, vou continuar a cuidar dos meus vasos de plantas, pois parei para vir aqui falar com você.
    Um grande abraço!