Sunday, December 2, 2012

Busy Weekend~

These are the 3 babies that I am feeding in my back yard. Aren't they just the cutest! They are so playful and the top two will allow me to pet them when I feed them. The top is a boy, the middle a girl and the bottom I don't know it will not allow me near it. It runs to the door when time to eat, but when I go outside, it runs and keeps its distance! They all love to play with the laser pointer and with toys when I go out to play with them. Besides I have taken them out scratching posts and catnip toys to play with! Of course, my "girls" all get jealous, but they cannot go outside and the ones outside cannot come inside until they are caught, taken to the vet and checked out and "fixed". Their mother and grandmother still come around for feeding occasionally!

I have really been busy this weekend, got the Christmas decorations down from the barn, outside decorations done and the tree up! Then I steam cleaned both bathrooms and all the floors! All my laundry is done and today, I think I will spend scrapping! Been awhile since I have and the photos just keep piling up!

We broke records with 83 degrees yesterday and to be the same today! It's December and this is September weather! Though not complaining as it made it easier to put the decorations out yesterday, but the wind we had did not help. To be windy again today! But, I will be inside scrapping! Yea!

Gotta go out of town real early tomorrow, but will be back real late, so guess I best get ready for that too! I need to do a few things for work since I will be gone! Gotta get things fixed too, so all my animals are fed and watered. Will cut this chat short and catch back up later! Keep making those awesome memories to share! Love, Mat


  1. Boa tarde, querida Mat!Esses Gatinhos são lindos!
    Já vi que você gosta muito de gatos. Eu gosto mais de cães.Tenho cães comigo desde que nasci.
    Eu ia viajar agora em dezembro para consultas médicas e exames, mas resolvi ir só em janeiro, pois está muito perto do natal e quero ter tempo para arrumar tudo aqui.
    Querida amiga, obrigada pelo carinho.
    Vou fazer uma QP com 3 lugares para você colocar os netinhos da sua irmã.
    Um grande abraço, Neli.

  2. I just got caught up reading here. My goodness, you've been through quite a lot. I surely hope you are feeling much better now. I just loved seeing your fur babies. Even the ones outside who rely on you for their food. They are so beautiful. And you are just the nicest person to make sure that these kitties don't go hungry.

    Your layouts are wonderful. That visit with your family member must have been so wonderful. I'm at work now, so it's time for me to get back to work here. You have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Those 3 adopted furries are so sweet. ! They will get used to you more and more and one day oops, you will have them in your house too! I am as soft as you are, always have to be careful when I see a stray cat or any animal!
    My God, you were real busy!! It makes me feel ashamed, as I didn;t do very much this weekend.
    But... today it will be a little different.
    Only bad that it's raining at the moment, then I cannot put the long curtains outside to dry. Hey does that sound as an excuse????
    But, I can do the curtains of the front, better something done than nothing.
    And have to wrap some presents. Must get them at the post soon!
    So now first going to post and then.......on to the curtains and window washing. Marvellous LOL.