Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hello Friends

Wow, Spring (or Summer?) is really here!! All the flowers and trees are all fully bloomed, the bees and wasps are out already and the allergens are in full force! I think I have finally finished with the spring cleaning attack and I hope it lies dormant for a good long while...LOL! Tired? You bet I am, but its a feeling good about the accomplishments tired!
Mommy cat moved her babies about 2 weeks ago after a strong storm and then lots of NOISE with lawn mowers and weed eaters and I couldn't find them. She kept coming around for food and attention, but no signs of the babies. I even had a couple of visits from a fox to clean her food bowls out for her...LOL! That was scary, but it never tried to bother her and she just sat a watched it eat. But on the morning of the 5th, she brought one of the babies out to eat with her. Cute little *%$# too! But I just watched them and when finished the baby ran back under my storage barn. Next morning, 2 of them came out to eat under Mommy's watchful eye. Then on the morning of the 7th, I took these photos of 3 of her babies. Not sure if the other 2 are still around or what, but for last 2 days have only seen the 3 little playful kittens. So, here is a couple of photos of Mommy and the babies eating at my back door! I used an older kit of Kyra's (With A Russian Dutch Heart) called A Day In The Life of Tom Kitten. The clusters by Arlene just seemed perfect since the one in the lower right corner, looks like one of these kittens! Aren't they just the cutest little things?
Sure makes me smile to watch them play. Of course they look a lot like her first litter too! I am hoping to trap her and Daddy and get both of them fixed and hope they will stay around as my outside cats. The 2 from her first litter are coming back around now to be fed and loved on. They come to the front door to be fed! Cats are such intriguing animals, so independent and each with such different personalities about them. I just adore them (as you can see)! Bubba is still the most affectionate one of them all. Daddy is real protective of Mommy and the babies, just like with the first litter! Oh, well, enough about my cats, on to fun things! :)

I had lunch with my friend Kathy T on Tuesday! She and I have been having our "birthday" luncheons for several years, but missed last year for some reason (I think she and hubby were still traveling and out of state). Her birthday is March 25th, mine is May 20th and we try to meet sometime in between and catch up! We finally found the time and had a terrific 2 hours of catching up! Sure was fun!  Yesterday morning I took Nina to the airport for her annual trek to West Virginia to visit with her sisters and families. I stopped at WalMart for Cat food and who did I run into, Kathy T.  We had a good laugh, all this time of not seeing each other and then 2 days in a row....! 

My sister, Kathy, seems to be doing a little better each day! She is still experiencing problems with her blood pressure, but the heart seems to be doing okay for the time being. She really wants to go home and the doctors are all trying to come to some agreement as to when that will be safe for her and the healing wound from the infection. She is hoping to be able to spend Mother's Day at home....we will just have to see! In the meantime, I did another page for her of her grand babies that have been visiting her quite often at the rehab center. This page is using a page border that I created and placed on Miriam's Scraps as a freebie back a few days ago. If you haven't visited Miriam's blog lately, you are missing some really beautiful work from her Mini kit 13. There is a link on the right of this blog, visit both of these incredible ladies that offer lots of freebies for scrap booking. You will not be disappointed! The wordart is one offered by Donna that you can find a link to as well.
OK enough for today, must get something accomplished and get my behind out of this chair. Thanks for stopping by, y'all all have a great rest of the week and wonderful weekend ahead. Hugs, Mat


  1. Boa noite, querida Mat!
    Fico feliz por você estar bem e espero que Kathy possa passar o dia das mães em casa.
    Querida amiga, gosto de ler o que você escreve, pois suas palavras são cheias de alegria, amor pela vida e por seus semelhantes e por suas gatinhas também. Que Deus conserve sua alegria de viver.
    Querida amiga, tenha um maravilhoso final de semana e um ótimo Dia das Mães.
    Abraços, Neli.

  2. It's nice to hear, you took a little bit of relax time after you spring cleaning. Sounds fun, your lunch meeting with your friend.
    And I'm happy to hear the out-cats are doing fine and coming back to eat again.
    So hope your sister will be able to celebrate Mother's day at home! But if the doctors aren;t sure yet if it is all safe yet, she will have to "bite her teeth" and spent some more time in hospital, one can never be too careful.
    You have a great weekend, enjoy all of it as much as you can!

  3. I just love your kitties! They are so darn cute. It's good that your sister is doing better now. It's best not to rush home too soon. She needs to be healed first. Your layouts are beautiful. I'm at work, so can't stay long. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Love the kitty pictures. We may have dogs now, but there is always a special place in my heart for cats and kittens. Working on new bkg's. Hope to have them all done soon. Just finished Miss G and have more to do on yours and Scarletts. Hugs to you and your fur baby group.

  5. Good night, dear Mat!
    Glad you're okay and hope Kathy can spend Mother's Day at home.
    Dear friend, I like reading what you write because your words are full of joy, love for life and for his fellows and their kiddies too. God keep his joie de vivre.
    Dear friend, have a wonderful weekend and a great Mother's Day.
    Hugs, Neli.