Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pregnant Girls!!

Here's a couple of pages I did for my niece Amy and her sister-in-law Kayla showing their pregnant bellies! Aren't they cute? Now they need to add Maggie to these photos since she is definitely pregnant too! Must be something in the water they are drinking in Georgia...LOL! Amy is due in September, I think Kayla is due a month or 6 weeks later and then Maggie is due sometime in late November...all these little cousins will get to grow up together. This is Amy's first, Kayla has one daughter, Blair and Maggie has a daughter,  Hayden!  So Penny will be grandma again x 2 and so will Amy's mother-in-law, Bessie.  Are you confused yet? Amy is my sister Penny's daughter.  Maggie is Penny's daughter-in-law.  Kayla is married to Amy's husband's brother! Maggie and Kayla are both Amy's sister's-in-law! (Can you tell I love genealogy?)!
This is a Stacked Paper from Raspberry Road Designs.
This is all from Miriam's Scraps and not sure about the Wordart designers.
This was for Kayla that she wanted of herself. The kit used is from Kyra and Arlene!
Well, off here for now, got to catch up some more with y'all next time. I have lots of photos of my sister Kathy's grand kids to make some pages with....just have to find some time! Don't know where the time goes here lately! Have a terrific day! Hugs to all! Luv, Mat


  1. Goodness, all sorts of things bloom when the weather turns nice. Congratulations on all the new babies. Your layouts are beautiful. You have a nice night, hugs, Edna B.

  2. These are truly happy layouts! All the mothers- to-be for the first or second time look beautiful.
    Get ready to receive a lot of baby photo's to scrap LOL!
    Hey, you might make some little photo albums for them, and have some nice Christmas presents.
    Going to post now, have a lovely weekend