Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lots of Stormy Weather

This is a photo off a friend's Facebook of the tornado that hit Granbury just 40 miles southwest of me. It was classified as an F4 that left lots of devastation and took 6 lives. It was one of 16 that hit between 5p.m. and midnight on Wednesday. My "girls" and I took shelter in our bathroom with a flashlight, cell phone and lots of blankets in the bathtub for about 45 minutes. Our police dept has a Code Red call when a tornado is close or possible. We heeded that call. Luckily it missed us and curved a little more southward than its original track. The one that struck Cleburne (that was closer only 25 miles south of us) was a mile wide and an F3 destroying over 600 homes, but with no loss of life. The last one really close was at midnight. Needless to say I spent a very sleepless night until around 3 a.m. Because of all the bad weather, I have not been on my computer much, we had lots and lots of high wind and Lightning strikes. Yesterday the storms were 80 miles west of us (where temps were at 100+F) and 3 tornadoes touched down.....we got the lightning strikes from it. What a crazy, crazy spring it has been for all of us this year. (BTW this photo was put up because of the face of the lion....but I know it is a photo of the storm as I saw it on our local weather channel). Today is supposed to be sunny and very warm....90+F for us, we hit 89F yesterday!

Okay, some good news now.  Miss Jade graduated from kindergarten on Wednesday too. I created a page for her and put it on Facebook for her (that was prior to the storms starting). Here she is in brag book page 10 from JSS called School Rules. She is really beginning to shoot up now and looks like a big girl.
Good news about Kathy, she is expecting to be released from the Rehab Center tomorrow. Just in time for Christina's birthday Saturday. She is so excited. My birthday is this Monday and Kathy's is the next Monday so she will be home for it. I do have some photos of Kathy from Mother's Day with all her grand babies, but I just have not had time on the computer to do anything. I will try real hard to do some this weekend, but no promises as I have some real work to do today that includes having to go to Storage and pull some files for my boss. I also have some new photos of the 5 kittens playing on the "Playground" in my back yard that are so adorably cute.
O well enough chatting for today, Y'all have a fantastic weekend, make lots and lots of memories to share and I will catch up with you next time. Hugs, Mat


  1. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Horrivel estas tempestades e tornados, querida amiga...
    Deve ser muito ruim viver assim com medo e contra as forças da natureza é muito difícil lutar.
    Eu pensei que sua casa estivesse muito distante do centro desses tornados.
    Deus não vai permitir que mal algum aconteça com você e com sua família.
    Mat, querida, minha sophie está melhor, a febre cedeu, mas ela teve vômito por causa do antibiótico, assim ela está tomando remédios para cortar os efeitos colaterais do antibiótico. Ontem ela passou o dia todo no meu colo.
    Mat, Espero que esses tornados passem logo e longe de sua casa.
    Um abraço e um beijo da sua amiga Neli.

  2. Glad you and the girls are ok. Storms to hit us Sunday and could be really bad up here come Monday afternoon.

  3. Wow, you had some disturbing days, with all those tornado's! So glad to hear you are okay and that the tornado's passing at close distance didn't do any harm to you and your home.
    And good news about Kathy. Hopefully she will continue improving and will have a great birthday with all of you.
    Today we have quite some different weather as it looks. Sun is shining and it feels as if temperatures are going up. we could do with a little warmth of the sun.
    Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

  4. Good afternoon, dear friend Mat!
    These horrible storms and tornadoes, dear friend ...
    Must be pretty bad live so scared and against the forces of nature is very difficult to fight.
    I thought your house was too far from the center of these tornadoes.
    God will not allow evil to happen to you and your family.
    Mat, darling, my sophie is better, the fever broke, but she was vomiting because of the antibiotic, so she is taking medication to cut the side effects of the antibiotic. Yesterday she spent the whole day in my lap.
    Mat, I hope these tornadoes pass soon and away from home.
    A hug and a kiss from his girlfriend Neli.