Friday, February 8, 2008

It's FRIDAY!!!

Well, Friday is finally here! Sure has been a long week. I don't have any plans for this weekend other than the normal grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry and cooking duties. I am hoping to be able to actually do some scrapping this weekend. Will see..

During my check up yesterday, the doc put another holter monitor on for 24 hours just to see if the medications are controlling the atrial fibrillation okay. My BP was excellent and I have even lost 3 pounds (about 27 to go!) over the holidays. Heading in for this thing to be removed in about an hour. Whoopee, it does not hurt, just bothersome and with all the wires, my "girls" think I have a new play toy for them. LOL!

I am having so much fun with this blog, am sorry I did not get into it earlier. Thanx so much Carol for the help and Chris for the push. I really appreciate all my "sisters" that have checked in and left the very welcoming comments too!

Well, got to finish up here, head over to get this monitor removed, then to grocery shop and on home early. That is a nice treat too. We are supposed to have a lovely weekend with no WIND and temperatures in the low 70's so Mike will be grilling our meals and leaving me with more time to scrap....yeah right! I still have to fix it for him to grill...LOL!

Happy Weekend to all and watch for the scrapped pages. Luv, Mat

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  1. C-block won't cooperate so I will just say Hi in here. Just making my nightly rounds dropping off hugs and love to all my favorite people! Hope your weekend is a fun one Mat enjoy that great warm weather.!!