Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Middle of the Week

Hello all, I sure do feel better after 8 hours of rest. I mean real rest too, no tossing and turning and cat napping for 8 hours. I took some Tylenol Arthritis before bed and it knocked me out. (I'm such a wuss with meds am allergic to pain killers!) Anyhow I feel much better.

This yo-yo weather really works a number on the old body. Yesterday we had 30-35 mph winds from the north that pushed our rain through really fast and left it cool in the mid 50's, got down to 35 last night to go back to 60 today, hit 70 tomorrow then back to freezing and not out of the 30's for the weekend with more rain for Friday and Saturday that could turn into ice. If that is true (?) will shut down lots of things around here. We are just not equipped to handle ice down here. (I know all you north of me are laughing your butts off!!! I hear it, I used to live in Detroit!!) My point is, if all is shut down....I may get to do some SCRAPPING!!!!

Well, the "girls" are ready to eat, so starts my morning. Guess I will hush and get ready to start my day. Hope all have a marvelous one no matter what you do. I am off to work, chat with all of you this evening. Thanx for viewing my site and leaving such nice comments. Luv, Mat

This is a page I did a while back of my Dad and my step mom Helen. I really like this kit by Donna. You can find a link to her blog here or at CJS Scrapbooking With Attitude and it is called Genevieve's Vintage by Designs by Donna

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