Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ta Da the baby...Pumpkin

And this is our BABY girl. Pumpkin showed up in July of 2006, hungry, dirty and missing a lot of fur off her tail. She was about 8-10 weeks old according to the vet. It took almost a month of feeding her and talking to her in the back yard (where she lived under our barn) for her to allow capture of her. We took her to the vet to make sure she was okay to bring in with MzKitty and Oreo. She got her shots and a clean bill of health and joined our family. MzKitty still has fights with her occasionally, but Oreo took her as her baby and to this day they are always together. Pumpkin has taken the longest to become friendly and docile, just now beginning to feel comfortable around people. She is a gorgeous orange tabby with beautiful markings and eyes the color of her fur. She is so soft and has a tiny meow but has the loudest purr of all our girls. This layout was done using freebie called Mint Chocolate by Donna at Designs by Donna at link here or at CJS Scrapbooking With Attitude.

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