Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cats are so very Curious

Brrrr one of those blue northers came through overnight dropping temperatures more than 50 degrees. It hit 81 yesterday and supposed to make it to 45 today, not sure it will get there with this cold, cold north wind that is blowing so hard. We have built a fire and just cozying in today. I finished all my chores including paying the bills so thought I'd play a little with some wordart. I am still in the early learning stages, but this is my first attempt. I used a freebie quickpage by Sooze (you can find a link to her blog on the right here) and a recent photo of Oreo watching water fill the basin for the first time. She was so curious about it, but as the basin filled, she kept inching backwards until I turned the faucet off. Then when I let the water out, she really had a good time watching it drain. Cats are so them to death. Anyhow, since my bursitis is giving me fits, guess I better leave this computer alone for awhile. Going back to the fireplace and watch some movies, have a pot of homemade soup on and will make some cornbread for dinner later. Whatever you do today, make some memories and have fun doing it. Chat again later y'all! Mat

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