Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good Morning!!

This Background is my backyard, the WA is Miss Linda's!
Okay one more snow page! It is almost all gone now, still a few shaded spots where you can find patches, but now is time for the clean up. Almost all have had their electricity restored, but we are all being advised to have roofs, gutters, drains and electric lines to our homes checked. Lots of trees were downed because of the heaviness and well as the volume of snow. The early insurance estimates are around $25 million in damages. I know I had a lake out front and back when it started melting, so we need to find where the blockage for the drain off is and get that cleared as the next front due in Thursday is calling for 4 or more days of RAIN! We now have POTHOLES everywhere and some of the land around the freeways is slipping away as it is! But...the bright side is, it is slowly warming up and we will have some sun for a couple of days. It was only down to 27 this morning, lots warmer than yesterday and not nearly as bone chilling windy! Got to go by the office today to get checks signed and pick up more work to do, so guess I will head for the shower early today! Hope you make it a memorable day whatever you do today and will chat with y'all later! Luv, Mat

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