Friday, February 12, 2010

Record Breaking Snowfall for Dallas-Fort Worth

I don't know the total snowfall tally as DirecTV must be frozen over! No signal since about 9 p.m. last evening. All I know is it is WHITE & BRIGHT outside my windows. Last I heard was 11.2 inches at the DFW Airport and the snow was still falling! The last record was 7.8 inches in one day back in 1964. It had stopped when I took photos this morning before 7 a.m. I took photos throughout the day yesterday at different times...some the flakes were huge and fluffy, sometimes small and falling furiously! I love it as long as I am inside looking out at it. Here's a quick page I made from this morning's photos. The background is outside my back door, the framed (in Miss Carol's Cute Kit frame) is what I see out the front window. ( I added a few brushed on snowflakes just for accent)! All the schools and a lot of the government offices are closed for a long 4 day weekend. The temps this morning in the mid 20's froze the slush on the roads. Lots of people without power because of the heavy wet snow breaking trees and pulling down power lines. But supposed to be back to the 50's tomorrow, so our snow does not last long. Will chat later y'all, make it a wonderful, memory making day whatever you do! Luv, Mat

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