Friday, August 10, 2012

Road Trip Saga Returns.....

LOL! Bet U thought U were not gonna have to hear anymore about Road Trip 2012 right? Wrong!! lots more to talk about, we had so much fun! Next we toured the huge Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO. Amy, Margaret and Hayden walked all the way up the stairs, but did not go in the arch as Penny and I found shade to sit in by the water waiting for their return.
(here's the girls beneath the arch, I could not get back far enough...LOL, but put them in a QP using As Time Goes By by Kyra at With a Russian Dutch Heart)
We took lots of photos while at the arch, but alas, it was getting hot and we had to seek some cool air. We also met up with Kathy and all 3 of her grandbabies outside a medical center where Christina was having a minor procedure done. This was the first time of all the kids meeting each other, but the girls got along famously and first time Penny and I got to see Jayson. He is so adorable! Here they are opening the gifts we took for them...this was just before they started a game of hide and seek. LOL! Not still long!! I'm sorry I did not write down where this kit came from, but I think it was from Raspberry Road Designs.Here is a cute QP I got from Miriam of a Rubik's Cube that I put photos of Kat's grand kids, Jade, Ruby and Jayson in and call it Ruby's Cube.....LOLPretty clever idea, huh? Kathy wants this in a frame! I used a QP from Tea for Two Scraps of a present for miss Hayden. She was lying on the bed watching TV when I took this photo!
And this pair of pages is from Granny Enchanted with assorted photos of the trip this is for a double page in my scrapbook.Well, next installment is the trip back home with a few stops at Metropolis to visit Superman, a stop in Nashville with a visit to Grand Ole Opry House, Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Rainforest Cafe and another stop in Alabama to see the space shuttle....until then....y'all have a great weekend of making lots of memories to share! Luv, Mat

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