Monday, February 4, 2013

Congrats Baltimore Ravens!!

What a great game the Super Bowl was....2nd half especially got to be a nail biter didn't it? I really enjoyed it and all the new commercials....Budweiser didn't let us down...what a touching commercial! Some were kind of stupid (as always) but several were spot on! Speaking of spot on, The opening was totally awesome with the Sandy Hook Elementary Choir and Jennifer Hudson (doesn't she look fabulous with all her weight loss) so very touching! Alicia Keys did a great job of the anthem too! The half, so...but then I am not young enough to appreciate Beyonce I guess (at least it gave me potty break time...LOL)! Enough about the was good and I loved the results! Watched every minute of it!
We got a small shower this morning...we so need the moisture....wish it could have been more, but supposedly this week we have several chances of scattered showers! The weather is pretty warm, up to 70 again today! Really puts me in a spring cleaning mood. I had the windows open yesterday for awhile! My handyman is coming again tomorrow to get some trash out from around the barn and reorganize and clean out the small shed under my carport! I plan to wash windows inside and out if he can help with the screens!
 I did create a QP using several kits from several of my favorite designers! I put my "girls" in it just because I haven't made a page for them lately! I used Raspberry Road Designs Coffee Shop kit, wood texture from Lanell at Never Forget Memories, a cluster I created from Miriam's Scraps Orange Kit and wordart is an older kit with no TOU! I think I got everyone, but if not, I apologize! Just look at my Purrfect girls!

Well, guess I better get busy, got to run to the post office and get some WORK done for my paycheck! Y'all  have a great week ahead, make lots of terrific memories to share! Chat more next time! Luv, Mat


  1. Such a marvelous cats, super cute! Thank you friend!

  2. Your "sweeties"look great!
    Oh whee, such energy suddenly, thinking to do some spring cleaning LOL!
    Well, I did a bit of the plans from yesterday, toilet room is sparkling fresh again.
    Today I need to do some more things.
    Every day something will do the trick, I hope.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. What a great layout. Your girls are beautiful. Gosh you are quite energetic. I could use some of that warm weather and your energy. There is so much to be done around here. Hmmm, oh well. It can wait just a bit longer. I get my energy in the Spring. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.