Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello All!

I hope all of you had a nice love day, weekend and President's Day spent with loved ones making lots of new memories or just sharing and remembering old ones! After such a hectic week and especially tiring Friday, I pretty much relaxed and slept and caught up with some things I needed to do! I did watch a little TV (speed skating and NASCAR time trials for the Daytona next weekend!). I shopped early on Saturday morning, then I ran the vacuum and sat down to read, fell asleep, woke and read some more! I tried staying off the computer for a little to allow my stiff neck and shoulder to relax some....LOL! I think it helped some.
Yesterday, Nina and I did some running around, shopping, ate lunch and spent some time just catching up. She filled me in on her hubby's daughter's wedding over the weekend. The joy of seeing the grandkids and great grandkids and children around.  We sure do have fun when we just do nothing together!
I checked in with my friend Jannette to see how she is recuperating from her fall! She seems to be progressing pretty well, her mate has a 3 day trip (he's a first officer for a major airlines in this area) so I will be going over to assist her with her kitties and some other things on Thursday and Friday. 
Tomorrow I am supposed to take my other friend Jan to the beauty salon for a haircut....think I will get mine trimmed up and my eyebrows waxed while there. Also on Thursday, my handy man will be here to replace my sink, faucet and counter top in the guest bathroom. I am so excited that it is finally getting done! One down and 2 to go, then my house will be complete except for some painting of baseboards and window sills.
My sister, Kathy, sent be a photo of Miss Ruby that she asked I create a page for her! Lucky for me, Linda had just put up a free QP that was so perfect for the photo....what do you think?
While we were on the phone, we were both searching Facebook and I ran across a cute saying from Grandma, sent it to her FB account and she immediately asked that I use the quote in a page with all 3 of her grand-babies and send it to her to be printed out. Here is what I came up with, I used a free QP by Neli Mandel called Blue Angel.  So....Kat....here ya go!
You can find links to both of these designers over on the right in my favorites. Random Thoughts At Linda's Place and Neli's Freebies! Thanks so much dear friends for all you share with me!
Well, gotta run to the bank and the post offices, so guess I had better get dressed and get it done...it's only noon and I am still in my jammies...LOL! Sun is shining and here I sit burning daylight...later y'all! Don't forget to make some wonderful memories today! Luv, Mat


  1. Don't you get tired of yourself, reading back your blogposts LOL??????
    Oh my God, you are runnning aroundall the time it seems, helping out everyone who needs a little extra hand. You are amazing!
    And then your job, your own household etc. to take care of and still finding time to scrap and blog. WOW!
    Really hope you don;t forget to take care of yourself, take some rest.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Marvelous work dear, your blog is adorable! Thank you!