Friday, February 1, 2013

Ever been this tired?

Poor Jayson was so tired that he fell asleep while eating! When I saw this photo posted on Christina's Facebook page, I just had to snitch it and make a page, (plus his Grandma wanted a page using it too)! So, here it is! Bless his little heart isn't this just the cutest thing? I am sure that he will not appreciate it when he is older...LOL...but for now we can enjoy it. I used a brag book freebie from AW called Squeeze because the colors were so perfect for his shirt. (Out of all the scrap kits and QP's I have downloaded, not many with the primary colors for little boys...duh? guess I will have to stop with all the flowers and girlie pages and kits, huh!)
Well, the BIG weekend is here...Super Bowl on Sunday! I know where I will have my behind front of the television.  I think I will make some special snacks and save all my calories for the game! ROFLMAO here! I hope the Ravens win this one (always for the underdog)!
Weather is supposed to be very nice and more like spring than this 19 degree chill factor temps we awoke to this morning! was chilly, but the sun is shining nice and bright and supposed to get into the upper 50's, it was 70 yesterday, but the frigid cold front came through about 3 a.m. and really dropped the bottom out! This weekend to be in mid to upper 60's, so think I will try getting in some outdoor activities before the game!
Whatever you choose to do this weekend, have fun at it and make lots of memories to share! Chat with y'all more next time! Luv, Mat


  1. Oh gosh, what a precious photo! You're right, he won't be happy about this photo when he gets older, but boy oh boy, his children will just love it! You have a great night now, and I hope your team wins this weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. That mail I forwarded was at the right time duh????? LOL!
    I guess you are right about Jayson, not appreciating this layout when he will be older. But... always can say to him, that this is nice and not embarrassing, it's cute, at this age, but it would be really embaarrassing if this happened on age 21 or something like that ROFL.
    Have fun watching the Super Bowl.