Thursday, February 7, 2013

What a busy week so far!

This has truly been a very hectic time around here so far this week! My friend Jannette had an accident on her bicycle on Monday afternoon, rushed to the ER, she had xrays and found 3 fractures to her pelvis, admitted her...went to her house to feed her cats (her mate was on a flight and in Seattle) then home to care for all my animals!
Tuesday, my handyman came to clean up trash and junk behind my little barn (storage unit) and to sort out and organize the small shed attached to the carport, off to check on Jannette's animals, take her some things she had requested to the hospital, back to feed my animals, faxing some papers to the attorney for my boss and then off to file my taxes! Got home around 8 p.m. pooped out!
Yesterday, Jannette feeling little better, released her from hospital and sent home with a walker, port a potty, and instructions for a home healthcare nurse and therapist to visit (her mate home for a few days to assist her now), letters to do for the boss (she is on call and I am waiting for her to call me when to come to the hospital for signatures) to both post offices, then to the hospital where  I have to wait another hour as she got busy again, stop by the bank, then over to Nina's to pickup some boxes for mailing out a couple of Valentine's Day gifts for my sisters, back home to feed and care for my cats and then to crash....while watching American Idol! Too tired to sleep, so got up and created a  portrait page for each of my girls!
So, you get to see them this morning before I start work...I have to run statements today and get them posted in the mail. Gonna fix some food and take over to Jannette's to help out and so I can visit with her! I posted another freebie on Miriam's Scraps this morning too! Hope today will slow down a little! LOL! 
Here's my first fur baby, my diva and the one that does not know she is a cat....MzKitty! She is in yellow and old gold to show off her pretty coloring and her golden eyes. The papers are from kits by Neli and Kyra and the photo was taken on Monday! The WA tags are from an older kit, don't remember the designer, sorry! I think I will print these and frame them.
Sweet and so chubby, this is my cuddle buddy Oreo. She just wants to be by me all the time, wants to be touching me. She is a nice warming blanket when it is cold, but too warm when it's not! LOL! She is cuddled in her favorite blanket when I am working! Just adore her pretty green eyes! So I put her in one of Neli's green and white frame to accent her eyes!
 Here's my baby...Pumpkin, she is in papers from Neli and Kyra...I just love this photo I took on Monday of her sound asleep. How can you stress when you look at how peaceful she looks....LOL! She is so very soft and cuddly when she is sleepy, but runs through the house like a monkey when she is awake! She makes circles around and through the house around the other two cats just wanting to jump and play!
Well, enough about my fur babies for now, guess I will get my act in gear and get some work done before I have to run some other errands! I will do all those when I take the statements to the post office! Whatever you do today, make it fun and make lots of memories to share! I have a couple of photos of Jade and Ruby and Hayden and Jayson to make pages of...never ends and I love it...just need the time! Have a great weekend ahead and I will chat with y'all more next time.  Luv, Mat


  1. Amei seus gatinhos nos frames!
    Grande abraço, Neli.

  2. You really had busy times. Wow, when I put them along my things I must admit, I am a lazy person, and should be doing at times a bit more LOL!
    But take care, too much to do and running and driving around can wear you out! We don;t want that to happen, so hopefully your day today will be a bit more tranquil, and then make sure you can reload in the weekend!
    Lovely portraits of your cats!

  3. I love the layouts of your "girls". What beautiful kitties. Wow, I got pooped just reading your daily schedule. Take care you don't overdo. Slow down just a speck. I'm at work now, and Mrs is being a regular crab. So gotta go, you have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Loved her kittens in frames!
    Big hug, Neli.