Friday, May 22, 2009

3 sisters

Hello All! I'm home again! Had a great trip with only minor snaffus! Anyway, I had problems getting to Georgia because of weather delays, then Penny and I drove through a lot of rain going north to Illinois. After we got to Kathy's all her kids and grandkids were there to greet us. We got to see everyone and her son Jeff took a photo of all of us together. We told tales, laughed and sighed and cried, but generally the visit was a good one. We had trouble with construction delays on the way home yesterday, but I had smooth sailing on the flight yesterday, even arriving 30 minutes ahead of schedule. When I finally got to check my e-mails I had 189 with a lot of hugs and many birthday wishes that I really do appreciate. I quickly found that the blogger was not working. I am happy to see that the problem seems to be fixed for now. Here's a copy of the photo Jeff took of the 3 of us. Kathy is in the front without the glasses, Penny is behind her and the other tired, but happy, one is me. I used a QP that I made with Ms Carol's (Doodles by Angelscrapper) freebie...Ivory and Old Lace Kit. I will make more pages soon as I return a movie and pick up my mail at the post office. Luv y'all...later...Mat

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