Saturday, May 2, 2009


This is in sympathy with Judy, who had knee surgery yesterday. I certainly can empathize with you on the pain and being sick. This was my knee when I had a total replacement done in October 2003. I missed 3 months of work (that is going to the office, I did work from home)! This is with no stitches either, they used body glue!! I am allergic to pain medicines so a lot of it was grin and bear it!. Could not use crutches because of the surgeries I've had on my breasts, but had to use a walker! I just wanted to let you know MommyJ that I DO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH, take your pain medicine and sleep through as much of the healing as you can, cause the therapy comes next. Love you and hope you are up and around soon! I used a freebie kit called OOPS to make this page! Later y'all, doing my chores today so guess I'd better get back to them...Luv ya! Mat

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