Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swinging Wukee

I know it sounds dirty, but it ain't! Wukee is my neighbor's across the street little girl (she does not know she is a dog....shhhh!) When we go to the park to walk, she goes with us so daddy can swing her and let her slide. I'm serious!! Here's proof she likes to swing, these were taken yesterday, but the slide is too mooooving to get a great photo of, I will have to take my camera and see if we can get one. The real children just love to see her swing, as do the older folks and the ducks, cause they know as long as she is swinging she is not chasing them. Anyhow, just thougt this was so cute, had to make a page. Enjoy looking. Chat with y'all later! Luv, Mat

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