Sunday, May 31, 2009

My boss, my friend!

This is my awesome boss (friend) of 20+ years, Radha! She was admitted to the hospital via ER last Sunday evening about this time with a case of bacterial meningitis that developed from an ear infection. She had another MRI today to see if there is enough improvement to allow her to come home to recoup for the next 5-6 weeks on IV antibiotic treatments. Since she is a physician (anesthesiologist) as is her daughter, Lakshmi that resides with her, we are hoping that she will be released by Tuesday, June 2nd. However, the neurologist that is treating her is talking more like releasing her around the 8th. I have spoken with her several times on the phone, she sounds very encouraging and is hopeful she will leave the hospital on Tuesday. I sure do miss her and wish I could go visit, but her visitors are limited until she is totally "out of the woods"! I just felt like doing a page for her and ask that y'all say an extra prayer that all will be okay! After all, we still have 3 more years before we wanted to retire together. This is a photo of her from our trip to India in January 2007 when Lakshmi was married, the QP is one of Linda's from Angelscrappers Kit Iwishitwasspring and Linda's awesome wordart, cause Dr. Nair and I are always hugging and I wish I could hug her now. Well, so much for this weekend, it is almost over, so guess I better go do my salad and bread. Chat later y'all! Luv, Mat

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