Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom, I love you!

Mom, though you have been gone to your other home since 1992, I love you still and wish you a very happy Mother's Day. You will be happy to know your 3 girls will be together this time next weekend for the first time since 1982. An early birthday present is an airline ticket to Tallahassee, where my baby sister Penny is picking me up and she and I will make a road trip to Illinois to visit Kathy. Watch out I get to see all my great neices for the first time, mucho photos will be taken. Plus I will get to see my brother in law for the first time in 24-25 yrs and my nephews and their wives and Penny will get to meet them all (sans the BIL) for the first time. And she will get to see areas of the USA that she has never seen. Sure am looking forward to this trip. I know you will be proud Mom, that we will all be together again! I used one of my QP's made from DoodlesbyAngelscrapper's latest free kit called Ivory and Old Lace. Later y'all, this has really been a busy and emotional weekend for me! Luv, Mat

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