Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Review!!

I was "cleaning" up my computer this morning, ya know how that is right? Putting photos on DVD and some scrapping kits....etc! Just to have more room and faster computer. As I was organizing the photos, I decided to check a few each month to see what I had taken. Oh the I decided to do a little layout and use one photo from each month to put in my 2012 in Review. Here are some of the happiest occasions!!
In January, my "girls" were sleeping on my big king sized bed as I was still trying to reorganize the room and trying to get more space and less clutter! Closet reorganized, lots of clothes and other stuff donated. Sure felt good!
February was so nice and warm that I got out some of my succulent plants to get some sunshine in the front yard. Then I got more plants and put them in pots both on the ground and hanging to make my little "garden" very colorful and to get some exercise outside in the lovely weather. I got the itch to change things in my living room, totally changed all the color scheme and had a lot of fun redecorating!

In March I had a friend come by to help me take the headboard and attached night stands from the bed, giving the room a lot, lot more space in there! I also got all my yards cleaned and edged and so pretty. Lots of trash that had been laying around all gone, some minor repairs done and feeling great! Also, Nina bought my birthday gift early and planted the yellow hibiscus beneath my front window.

In April I was preparing to help Nina give her granddaughter a baby shower. This was my first and LAST baby shower to host. (probably my last to attend too!) Anyhow, this is the big laundry basket of stuff that I got for Emorie who was born in June! Everything is looking great in the garden too, lots of beautiful color!
In May, Nina and I decided to go to a few garage sales in our immediate area (this is another of my NOT favorite things to do, I have enough of my own junk). This is the $10 find I purchased...a solid wood dresser. I cleaned it and polished it, put it in my new bedroom space!  I also found a wood end table for the living room for a whopping $8 and Nina bought a wood bookcase for $2...last of the big spenders, huh?
June found Nina's 2 granddaughters from Georgia here visiting and we all went to the Fort Worth Zoo where we had a wonderful time (and they got to me Emorie when she was born). I also found a feral cat had given birth to 4 kittens in my back yard that I tried befriending by feeding her twice daily. 
In July, I flew to Florida where my sister picked me up, went back to her house in Georgia, we loaded up her daughter, daughter-in-law and her granddaughter and headed out for a trip of a lifetime. We went to Tennessee, saw family, met my friend Scarlett, then went on over to Illinois and Missouri to see more family before heading back to Georgia and me to Florida to fly back home! Great 10 days spent with my loved ones!
So in August my hibiscus was so pretty and such big blooms (actually 2 different types of blooms on one bush)! It was great being back home and enjoying my garden, my girls and the new kittens that still would not allow me very close.
September I got my new queen size bed and another new dresser...still lots of room after selling the kingsized bed, dresser and chest! A whole new look now from light wood to dark wood and brass. Lots of fun decorating the room again until my back started acting up again. Lots of trouble bending, sitting and standing so time to relax again and hope it will calm down.
I finally got to photo the kittens in October. I still feed the 3 survivors and the Mommy comes to visit me in the front to eat, but stays away from her babies now that they are old enough to care for themselves with my help....LOL! I am totally in love with all of them and wish I could have all in my house, but alas, with laws I can't.
In November the day before Thanksgiving, I finally had my back procedure done and found relief for my poor back so it was a kind of quiet month. I took lots of photos of the girls and of a friends funeral, so I just put up a photo of me taken when I actually had on some makeup....shock, shock! (ROFLMAO!)
December, I got out my decorations for the yard and the house and all up! I visited with lots of friends over the holidays and did lots of shopping with Nina. We actually got an inch of snow on CHRISTmas day! This is a rare occasion for this area! We had it all of about 28 hours and temperatures below freezing for a whole 43 hours! It actually felt like CHRISTmas for a change!
If you wonder what you did this past what I did, you will be surprised at what all you did in such a short period of time....because 2012 seemed like it just flew in day before yesterday and it is gone already. Maybe because I was so busy having so much fun making all these memories????  Anyhow, hope 2013 is really good to you and yours! 13 is my lucky number...I know my year is gonna be the best yet! Y'all just keep on making those memories...they are so much fun to visit! Chat more later! Luv, Mat


  1. Yes, would be a good idea to check upon my photos and do some scrapping and then put them on cd (or yes, dvd would be better, more space and shouldn;t be different from burning to a cd, isn;t it? (yes, I am dummy in some things, like this, ).Have to burn my kits too, and get more space by that too on the harddisk of my computer.
    Oh, sweet bloglayout, but I get a bit cold by looking at it LOL. We still have great temps, much too warm for the time of year, but I am not complaining!
    Now have to do my post on the blog, so I leave you, wishing a terrific weekend.

  2. I agree, scrapping the year in a layout is a wonderful idea. Although I sort of do it a bit different. I have my blog printed into a hard cover book every six months.

    I do love your layout. Isn't it amazing how much we packed into one very short year? You certainly were very busy!! Here's hoping that this new year will be a good one for all of us. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.