Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cinderella Hayden!

Margaret sent me this photo of Hayden who says she is Cinderella, so I just had to create a page for her as she is getting ready to ride her carriage to the castle. I used some stuff from Sandee, the brick road and mountain overlay from Miriam came up with this page! Hope she likes it!
It's really gray, cloudy, damp and cool this morning, so thought I'd sit a chat a couple minutes with y'all! Had a busy night last night...for some reason, my phone lost it's dial tone, so at 9 pm was on my cell with AT&T to correct it, they wound up screwing with the TV and internet as well. Had to move furniture, unplug and replug phone, router, etc and finally at 10:15 I had all restored. Then I had to put the furniture back in place AFTER sweeping under it all...LOL! By the time I got to bed I was wide awake, so out came the Kindle and read for another hour or so. Did not awaken until 6:35 and my "girls" were all in my face about their breakfast being late! LOL!
OK, guess I will watch some movies today and take it kinda easy! I deserve it, yes I do!! ROFL here! Anyway, off for now, hope you have a terrific Sunday doing what you love best and making memories to share! Have a beautiful week ahead and I'll chat more next time. Luv, Mat


  1. LINDO! Ficou muito lindo e delicado, Mat!
    Amei a sua idéia! Abraços, Neli.

  2. Techy stuff can be wonderful but also can make you feel hopeless and mad too if it doesn;t work LOL.
    Glad you got all working again, and the good thing might have been that you could clean on places where normally we don;t do that hahaha.
    Still, it looks as if you had a big job and you deserve some relax time.
    Now i;ve got to go rambling along in my blogpost, and then must do a bit in the house, yes, I need to do that.
    Have a great day

  3. What a beautiful layout Mati. I'm assuming those are your three furbabies up top. They are so adorable. Your little ginger cat looks so much like my Marigold. Gorgeous blog background by the way. I've got another cat sentiment that I'll be offering as a freebie hopefully in the few weeks. I used it on a card I had posted about today. Come back and see me later in the month if it is something you might be interested in. It will be the 'No one is Purrfect...until you fall in love with them quote'. Take care.

    Lisa D.

  4. What a beautiful layout! Hayden is just lovely. I really get annoyed when the cable, internet and phone go out. Gosh, I remember when we did not have these luxuries. We got along just fine. Now it's not even thinkable to have to do without them. lol. Now I'm off to work on my taxes. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. This is really a lovely work my friend, thank you! Have a wonderful week

  6. BEAUTIFUL! It was very beautiful and delicate, Mat!
    Loved your idea! Hugs, Neli.