Thursday, January 10, 2013

3.45" of much needed rain.....

Well, meteorologists were right for a change! How did that happen? We received 3.45 inches of rain over the past 2 days....the very beneficial kind....slow steady and able to seep into the ground and run off into the lakes and water sheds! We needed it so very badly, now it is time to dry out before the next bout on Sunday! To be in 60's today and 70's tomorrow! Then Sunday night back in the 20's! No wonder so much flu breakout in this area. Have lost 2 small children (6 & 7) from the flu within 12 hours of leaving an emergency room where parents were told to give them Tylenol and a antihistamine! Many pharmacies and doctor offices are without any vaccine for the flu! Hospitals are full. I am being very cautious and trying to stay home and away from large crowds. I have had my flu shot, but with age creeping up (like a stampede it seems to me!) it is easier for infections to set in! So, since I have been cooped up for more than 2 days, I have been scrapping, scrapping, scrapping! Loving it too!
Here are some pages I did for Hayden that I hope you will enjoy looking at! The first one is in a QP by Neli, my dear friend in can find a link on the right in my favorite sites, she has some really beautiful QPs and even some mixes of elements that she offers freely and daily! Hayden fell asleep in her car seat and Margaret took her photo. I'm not sure who the designer is for the pink polka dot word art, it is called A Bit Wordy Word Art with a TOU and a Thank You, but no name of the designer....strange! But thank you whoever you are for the lovely freebie that really sets this page off!
Next we have Miss Hayden in another QP from the CHRISTmas collection that Neli offered us. She was standing by the tree in her jacket so I put her outside looking in at the Teddy with his presents. Too cute, huh?
This page was so fun to is called Cabin Porch and is by Lanell at Never Forget Memories who is also listed in my favorites on the right. Give her a visit too for some awesome free QPs and textures to help you with creating your pages. Since Lance & Margaret are avid outdoors people (they live on a farm in south GA) with horseback riding, hunting, fishing, etc...this page was perfect for a family page. They have a black lab called Chevy (this is not a lab, but close nuff...LOL!) Anyhow, just could not resist this one!
Okay, this is enough pages for my sweet Hayden today! I just downloaded a lot of photos from Christina's FB page of Jade, Ruby and guess I will do some of them next...get ready! ROFL!
When it dries a little, guess I had better get some of those leaves up....gotta call my yard guy and see if he can work me in...they caused a bit of a "dam" causing lots of water in the driveway (over my ankles) and the only "dry" place for my outdoor kitties to hide, eat and sleep was in the leaves in front of the cars and shed! Poor babies are ready for some sunshine!
Well, off here for now so I can get something done besides sitting on my rump all day AGAIN!! LMBO!! Y'all have a great day, make lots of memories to share and I'll chat more with ya next time! Hugs!! Mat


  1. Here too we hope to get no visit from the flu.
    It's nice to give yourself some house arrest and then be able to do some things you love LOL!
    Today is start of a hopefully great sport weekend with speedskating Eyuropean championships all round. Yeah. You know I love to watch that. And we have good hopes for some medals for the "Dutchies"
    I did burn a dvd with some months of kits of the past year, gosh it takes a bit longer, but it's much better with the data amount you can put onto a dvd. I must do another one, may be two, and also want to make a dvd with some of my scrap resources, specially the lots of textures I have.
    And in between the skating I may find a little bit of time to finish and upload two new kits.
    Okay, time to post now.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your layouts are gorgeous! I especially like the cabin one. It's good that you've been getting the rain that you need. But I agree, a spell of sunshine in between wet bouts is most welcome. My brother used to build a gorgeous "cat" house, complete with windows, shingles and siding for his outdoor kitties. The inside of the little house would have carpeting and some old, clean blanketing. Ah well, time for me to get ready for my appointment at the nail salon. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.