Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Can U believe February is almost gone....

Where has this month gone? The time just seems to be on a fast moving airplane...or I am just too busy!! LOL!! But this Friday is March already!! With the howling winds we had last evening, night and this morning, I am hoping most of the lion part is over....LOL..we had winds sustained at 35 mph and gusts of 45+. Sounded like the roof was gonna come off.  The windows even rattled and caused some nervous cats to not sleep well, in turn waking me several times during the night.  But, after checking around outside, all seems to be okay, didn't see any loose shingles, just cat toys, etc blown into one corner of the yard. Lots of other people's trash to pick up though! Cold, cold, cold wind that just cuts right through ya...so guess what, I stayed in the house and created a little bit! LOL!
I surely enjoyed my weekend. My friend Jan and I went and got our hair cuts on Friday afternoon. Saturday morning we decided to spend some time together shopping like we used to. We got free facials, did lunch, then shopped some more. Sure had a fun time...it has been a long time since she has felt like getting out that much. We loved catching up!
Sunday found me in front of the TV! My "girls" all cuddled in around me and we watched the Daytona 500! Jimmie Johnson won again! It was a very good race! (Nothing like the crash of the night before!) Then I fixed some soft tacos, had dinner, fed all my cats and settled in to watch the Oscars. I even stayed awake for all of them. I thought it was a pretty good show and although I did not know the host, thought he did a pretty good job. All the ladies looked ravishing in their gorgeous dresses and the gents were pretty dapper too! I was even pleased with the winners, especially ARGO for Ben Affleck!
Yesterday the master bath got a new counter top, new sink and new faucet. Now I have both baths finished! The next will be the kitchen sink, but gotta wait until I get some more cash built up. I am a happy camper. Will take some photos to show you soon. Right now, just gonna put some pages I have done up so you can see what I've been doing all day...ROFL!
Here's Miss Hayden in a QP I created and gave as a freebie on Miriam's Scraps! This was made especially for Penny. the photo that is blended is one I took when we took our trip last summer. The other two are from her mom's Facebook page!
Here's my gorgeous niece Sebrina in a QP I created and is at Miriam's Scraps as a freebie now. Don't remember who the Word Art is from. The kit is a new one that Miriam hasn't released yet called Mini Kit 12, the background paper is from her Mini Kit 10. The photo is from Sebrina's Facebook.
I downloaded this free kit from Lesley at Scrapiness Down Under called Amazing Azaleas and just had to create this for some photos of the awesome blooms I captured on my trip to Georgia in March of 2011!
This kit from Kyra at With A Russian Dutch Heart called Forgotten Tears is so gorgeous that I knew I had to find a photo to use with it. Success, I found this one of me sitting high above the river that runs through the Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I used 2 of Arlene's clusters from this kit. All these designers have some awesome freebies for you if you visit their sites...you can find them listed in my favorites on the right! Stop by and say thanks for all they so generously share!
Well, guess I had better see if I can stand up now...my bum is getting pretty numb from sitting here too long! LOL and it will soon be time to feed all those hungry babies....LOL! Y'all all have a great week ahead and make lots and lots of memories to share! Chat with you more next time. Luv, Mat

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello All!

I hope all of you had a nice love day, weekend and President's Day spent with loved ones making lots of new memories or just sharing and remembering old ones! After such a hectic week and especially tiring Friday, I pretty much relaxed and slept and caught up with some things I needed to do! I did watch a little TV (speed skating and NASCAR time trials for the Daytona next weekend!). I shopped early on Saturday morning, then I ran the vacuum and sat down to read, fell asleep, woke and read some more! I tried staying off the computer for a little to allow my stiff neck and shoulder to relax some....LOL! I think it helped some.
Yesterday, Nina and I did some running around, shopping, ate lunch and spent some time just catching up. She filled me in on her hubby's daughter's wedding over the weekend. The joy of seeing the grandkids and great grandkids and children around.  We sure do have fun when we just do nothing together!
I checked in with my friend Jannette to see how she is recuperating from her fall! She seems to be progressing pretty well, her mate has a 3 day trip (he's a first officer for a major airlines in this area) so I will be going over to assist her with her kitties and some other things on Thursday and Friday. 
Tomorrow I am supposed to take my other friend Jan to the beauty salon for a haircut....think I will get mine trimmed up and my eyebrows waxed while there. Also on Thursday, my handy man will be here to replace my sink, faucet and counter top in the guest bathroom. I am so excited that it is finally getting done! One down and 2 to go, then my house will be complete except for some painting of baseboards and window sills.
My sister, Kathy, sent be a photo of Miss Ruby that she asked I create a page for her! Lucky for me, Linda had just put up a free QP that was so perfect for the photo....what do you think?
While we were on the phone, we were both searching Facebook and I ran across a cute saying from Grandma, sent it to her FB account and she immediately asked that I use the quote in a page with all 3 of her grand-babies and send it to her to be printed out. Here is what I came up with, I used a free QP by Neli Mandel called Blue Angel.  So....Kat....here ya go!
You can find links to both of these designers over on the right in my favorites. Random Thoughts At Linda's Place and Neli's Freebies! Thanks so much dear friends for all you share with me!
Well, gotta run to the bank and the post offices, so guess I had better get dressed and get it done...it's only noon and I am still in my jammies...LOL! Sun is shining and here I sit burning daylight...later y'all! Don't forget to make some wonderful memories today! Luv, Mat

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day to my FRIENDS!!

Happy Valentine's to all my friends and adopted "sisters"! I so appreciate all of you! Hope you have a most wonderful day with your loved ones! All these designs can be found at the generous designers listed on the right side of this blog. They offer freebies daily to make life easier and the sharing of our memories a lot prettier and i thank all of them.
My sister Nina with her hubby Chuck in a QP I created using several kits of Miriam's! I have this as a freebie on Miriam's Scraps.
Nina's daughter Tammy with her hubby JW in Doce Amor QP by Neli!
My dear friend Jannette and her Mike in a QP again that I have offered as a freebie on Miriam's Scraps!
Here's my "blog fairy" friend Linda (Random Thoughts by Linda) aka MissBoots with her hubby Dennis and her granddaughter Kiera! I used a cluster by Ellen at Raspberry Road Design and the Heart WA is Linda's from a while back.
Here's Miss Gerri with her Al in a page I created using Lesley's kit from 2/12/13 that you can find at Scrapiness Down Under.
Beautiful Scarlett and her Rhett aka Judy and Gary in a QP by Linda using one of Kyra's beautiful kits. You can find this QP at Random Thoughts by Linda.
My original blog fairy Miss Carol and her Charlie in the Valentine's Day Overlay I created at Miriam's Scraps a little while back from one of Miriam's earlier overlays!
Here's Miriam peeking through a QP that I created from her 2012 overlays! I recolored and opened the center heart to create this QP that you can find as a freebie on Miriam's Scraps!
My newest "sister" is Neli Mandel in a cute frame by Marijja! I snitched this photo from her blog where she offers so many cute freebies daily.
This is me in a QP I created using a minikit that Miriam was creating when her attack of appendicitis hit and she could not finish. I thank all my designer friends....Kyra and Arlene at With A Russian Dutch Heart, MissEdna, Donna, Ginger, Nana at Tea for Two Scraps, Lesley at Scrapiness Down Under, Su at Free Spirit, Snowy at Snow Raven, Lanell at Never Forget Memories, Monica at Mgtcs Freebies, Susan and Ellen at Raspberry Road Designs, Scrapbook Flair, DigiScap Depot, Creative Busy Hands and Craft Crave for all you share and give daily! Y'all make my life so very enjoyable! I appreciate your generous hearts and especially your talent! Have a marvelous day! Luv, Mat
Love my new signature from Neli....thanks so very much my dear friend! Hugs!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013 to my Family!

From me and the fur girls....hope all have a marvelous and fun day with your loved ones! I made a few pages so no chatting this blog, just the pages. I tried to use some of my favorite designers free Quickpages and even some I created that are freebies on Mirams's Scraps.
Here's mine! This QP is Apaixonados by Neli and Viring Art words overlay. The girls are lined up on my bed asleep.
Here's Kathy & Jim in a QP I created using Raspberry Road Designs Heart Whispers and one of EK Clusters from the same kit.
Here's Jason & Christina on their wedding day....in a frame called Love by Marijja!
Here's Jade with her dolly from Christmas in a frame by Neli.
And Ruby with her dolly also in a frame by Neli (Ruby LOVES purple).
And, their baby...Jayson in a red frame by Neli.
Kathy & Jim's baby....Jeff and his gorgeous bride Tiffany in a QP I created using Kyra-With A Russian Dutch Heart kits-Your Soft Touch & A Smile Works Miracles with a cluster from Arlene and the Word art is by Linda at Random Thoughts.  This is a freebie at Miriam's Scraps. That's it for the Hill Family.
Happy 29th Anniversary as well as Valentine's Day to Penny & Weymond. I put them in a QP I quickly put together from Kyra's kit Falling In Love, I used a cluster by CT Arlene using the same kit and the Word art is FP3 Love Souls from a while back. I recolored one of Kyra's papers for this one. Now, their family....
Lance and Margaret are in a QP for Valentine's from Marijja.
Miss Hayden in her Cinderella dress (latest photo I have of her) in a brag book layout by c4m called sealed kiss.
And of course, here's Amy with her Michael in a QP by MissEdna. Don't they look sweet? They are expecting their first baby in a few months. Did not do a page for Lamar since he is single and I don't have any current photos of him.
Here is my brother's daughter Sebrina and her mother Myrl in a pretty frame by Neli.
Will add more in the morning...so as not to make this too long. Luv, Mat

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What a busy week so far!

This has truly been a very hectic time around here so far this week! My friend Jannette had an accident on her bicycle on Monday afternoon, rushed to the ER, she had xrays and found 3 fractures to her pelvis, admitted her...went to her house to feed her cats (her mate was on a flight and in Seattle) then home to care for all my animals!
Tuesday, my handyman came to clean up trash and junk behind my little barn (storage unit) and to sort out and organize the small shed attached to the carport, off to check on Jannette's animals, take her some things she had requested to the hospital, back to feed my animals, faxing some papers to the attorney for my boss and then off to file my taxes! Got home around 8 p.m. pooped out!
Yesterday, Jannette feeling little better, released her from hospital and sent home with a walker, port a potty, and instructions for a home healthcare nurse and therapist to visit (her mate home for a few days to assist her now), letters to do for the boss (she is on call and I am waiting for her to call me when to come to the hospital for signatures) to both post offices, then to the hospital where  I have to wait another hour as she got busy again, stop by the bank, then over to Nina's to pickup some boxes for mailing out a couple of Valentine's Day gifts for my sisters, back home to feed and care for my cats and then to crash....while watching American Idol! Too tired to sleep, so got up and created a  portrait page for each of my girls!
So, you get to see them this morning before I start work...I have to run statements today and get them posted in the mail. Gonna fix some food and take over to Jannette's to help out and so I can visit with her! I posted another freebie on Miriam's Scraps this morning too! Hope today will slow down a little! LOL! 
Here's my first fur baby, my diva and the one that does not know she is a cat....MzKitty! She is in yellow and old gold to show off her pretty coloring and her golden eyes. The papers are from kits by Neli and Kyra and the photo was taken on Monday! The WA tags are from an older kit, don't remember the designer, sorry! I think I will print these and frame them.
Sweet and so chubby, this is my cuddle buddy Oreo. She just wants to be by me all the time, wants to be touching me. She is a nice warming blanket when it is cold, but too warm when it's not! LOL! She is cuddled in her favorite blanket when I am working! Just adore her pretty green eyes! So I put her in one of Neli's green and white frame to accent her eyes!
 Here's my baby...Pumpkin, she is in papers from Neli and Kyra...I just love this photo I took on Monday of her sound asleep. How can you stress when you look at how peaceful she looks....LOL! She is so very soft and cuddly when she is sleepy, but runs through the house like a monkey when she is awake! She makes circles around and through the house around the other two cats just wanting to jump and play!
Well, enough about my fur babies for now, guess I will get my act in gear and get some work done before I have to run some other errands! I will do all those when I take the statements to the post office! Whatever you do today, make it fun and make lots of memories to share! I have a couple of photos of Jade and Ruby and Hayden and Jayson to make pages of...never ends and I love it...just need the time! Have a great weekend ahead and I will chat with y'all more next time.  Luv, Mat

Monday, February 4, 2013

Congrats Baltimore Ravens!!

What a great game the Super Bowl was....2nd half especially got to be a nail biter didn't it? I really enjoyed it and all the new commercials....Budweiser didn't let us down...what a touching commercial! Some were kind of stupid (as always) but several were spot on! Speaking of spot on, The opening was totally awesome with the Sandy Hook Elementary Choir and Jennifer Hudson (doesn't she look fabulous with all her weight loss) so very touching! Alicia Keys did a great job of the anthem too! The half time...so, so...but then I am not young enough to appreciate Beyonce I guess (at least it gave me potty break time...LOL)! Enough about the game...it was good and I loved the results! Watched every minute of it!
We got a small shower this morning...we so need the moisture....wish it could have been more, but supposedly this week we have several chances of scattered showers! The weather is pretty warm, up to 70 again today! Really puts me in a spring cleaning mood. I had the windows open yesterday for awhile! My handyman is coming again tomorrow to get some trash out from around the barn and reorganize and clean out the small shed under my carport! I plan to wash windows inside and out if he can help with the screens!
 I did create a QP using several kits from several of my favorite designers! I put my "girls" in it just because I haven't made a page for them lately! I used Raspberry Road Designs Coffee Shop kit, wood texture from Lanell at Never Forget Memories, a cluster I created from Miriam's Scraps Orange Kit and wordart is an older kit with no TOU! I think I got everyone, but if not, I apologize! Just look at my Purrfect girls!

Well, guess I better get busy, got to run to the post office and get some WORK done for my paycheck! Y'all  have a great week ahead, make lots of terrific memories to share! Chat more next time! Luv, Mat

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ever been this tired?

Poor Jayson was so tired that he fell asleep while eating! When I saw this photo posted on Christina's Facebook page, I just had to snitch it and make a page, (plus his Grandma wanted a page using it too)! So, here it is! Bless his little heart isn't this just the cutest thing? I am sure that he will not appreciate it when he is older...LOL...but for now we can enjoy it. I used a brag book freebie from AW called Squeeze because the colors were so perfect for his shirt. (Out of all the scrap kits and QP's I have downloaded, not many with the primary colors for little boys...duh? guess I will have to stop with all the flowers and girlie pages and kits, huh!)
Well, the BIG weekend is here...Super Bowl on Sunday! I know where I will have my behind parked...in front of the television.  I think I will make some special snacks and save all my calories for the game! ROFLMAO here! I hope the Ravens win this one (always for the underdog)!
Weather is supposed to be very nice and more like spring than this 19 degree chill factor temps we awoke to this morning! Brrrr...it was chilly, but the sun is shining nice and bright and supposed to get into the upper 50's, it was 70 yesterday, but the frigid cold front came through about 3 a.m. and really dropped the bottom out! This weekend to be in mid to upper 60's, so think I will try getting in some outdoor activities before the game!
Whatever you choose to do this weekend, have fun at it and make lots of memories to share! Chat with y'all more next time! Luv, Mat