Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is Fall finally here??

Good Saturday Morning!! Woke to rain, rain, rain...with not one...but two fronts moving through today DROPPING temps! Love it! Love it! Love it! Supposed to rain most of the day here, reach about 84...but tomorrow's high is to be about 77! Finally!!
The "girls" and I are spending a lazy, lazy thought I would make another page for them before we snuggle in to read or watch a movie. I am taking some time off from scrapping to give my "abused" shoulder a rest...LOL! (from playing too many games!)
Since you always see my "girls", here is some of my real family ties, my nieces, nephews and great nieces.
Hope whatever you do this make so very many, many memories to share! I will chat more with all y'all later! Luv, Mat All the photos were taken this month by me and I created the frames with a freebie polaroid brush...the BG and cat toy is from CatLovers Kit by Annie and the WA this time belongs to TLC. Thanx to all for your generosity in sharing!I created this template too and just had to use it...the tree is from Nothing But Freebies, not sure about the WA as no tou with it and the rest is all mine...LOL!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Weymond

My fabulous BIL, Weymond, is having a birthday I took a photo of him from his DIL's FB site to make a Happy Birthday page for him since I could not be there to hassle him in person. He was just in from the fields, dirty, tired and wanting a cigarette, but when his precious grandbaby, Hayden, yells "Papa" it really brightens his day....hopefully this reminder from me will also brighten his day! Love you bunches and hope you share many, many more birthdays as great as this one surrounded by your family and friends!I used a freebie minikit by KBS called Southwestern Sample and the remarkable quote is from Paulette at TLC Creations and the Happy Birthday WA is from Lynn at ScrapEmporium! The photo is one of Margaret's from her FB account! Thanx to all of you for sharing!! Been really busy weekend and now it is FOOTBALL SUNDAY so gonna get caught up with a few things, a little blog walking and answering e-mails....then snacking and watching the games for me! Hope y'all all enjoy your fantastic Sunday and make lots of memories. Chat more later, Luv, Mat 'n "girls"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Told Ya!

I snitched some new photos of Hayden off Margaret's Facebook account and just had to make the two pages of the little darling eating dirt and riding her horsey with her new boots on...can we say cute, cute, cute? Then Kathy has asked for a photo of her and her granddaughters, it is. Not as sticky yet this morning, it is finally below 80, but to be back upwards of 100 with the humidity this afternoon, so gonna get all my chores done before the heat, chat with y'all later! Keep making all those memories to share. Luv, Mattotally created photo and the QP is called Grandma QP2 by AngelflightRDH's BG from Aqua kit. Cocoamint cluster by Scrapycrafts and WA has no tou,photo by Margaret again, snitched off her FB acct.Cindee's Wild Wild West kit and Margaret's photo.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another lovely Tuesday!

Not much going on around here for a change....just some free time to play with photos and scrapping kind of day, especially with this miserable heat and humidity still. Not seen so much humidity in this area in a long long time, but just walking out the door causes you to start dripping! YUCK! Lucky, semi-retired me...I can stay indoors with the AC and fans going nonstop...LOL! Here's a page I did of my girls...of course...don't they look relaxed and lazy? Oreo just loves lying on the bakers rack, MzKitty is either on the bed or my computer desk when I am at it (she is the only one small enough to sit on it) and Pumpkin is going to be at my feet, can you find her on the floor? (she blends in with it so much)! They are so much company!! Okay, gotta get some chores done then I can sit and play on here with no guilt...LOL! Will chat more later, hope y'all all have a terrific day making those memories! Luv, MatI used 2 kits, Dinphy's Precious Pearls BG and the cluster frame is from Pure Purr-fection.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparents Day!!

Today is Grandparents Day, even though mine are long gone, I wish for all of you who are or about to be grandparents a great day with your grandkids if possible. Since I don't have any, I made a page for both my sisters of them and their granddaughters. It is a cloudy day here with a slight chance of more showers, yippee that means lower humidity, right? NOT!! O well, got to go empty my yard of mushrooms...yep a big patch of them cropped up over night with all the flooding rains we had last week. Also gonna run to the grocery store for some milk and something to kill these HUGE ant beds with (also since the rains). Hope all y'all have a terrific Sunday and that you are all making lots of memories to share! Chat more later! Luv, MatKathy & Jim with Jade & Ruby in a kits from the BlogTrain-Fall Carnival and pearls from Dinphy (recolored).Penny & Weymond with Hayden in a kit from Teapot Lady! TFL!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Never Ever Forget!

Nothing else needs to be said! Luv, Mat
The background was a freebie from Scrapkits, the WA is freebie from Linda and the rest are photos from an e-mail.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My lovely blog sisters!

As I sit here in this "lake" with more liquid sunshine falling (compliments of Hermine), I was downloading some scrap freebies and when I got this new one from Linda, I just had to use it for all my "Blog Sisters"! I snitched the photo of the 4 in Ohio last May from Carol, then added Miss Scarlett. Just changed the wordart a smidgen by covering the "a" and adding an s to soul. Viola! Added the background, frame, flower and heart from Courtney's Crafty Elements kit. Thanx "sisters" for always being there and visiting and leaving such lovely comments to make my day so memorable. I'm also taking more photos of the "girls" cause there is no TV today, DirectV must be waterlogged. It rained yesterday off and on all day, but started again late last evening, rained all night and has rained all morning. I am not kidding about the lake, the front has about 3/4 inches of water on the sidewalk, the driveway is at least 2-3 inches under water at the carport and the backyard, well...I could go swimming in it! We surely needed the rain, just not all at once, but not complaining as it is FINALLY cooler around here...until tomorrow anyhow, then back to the mid 90's. Well, gotta get some housework done now, as Linda says somehow it just doesn't do it without me! :o) Have a terrific hump day and make many more memories to share. Chat more later y'all! Luv, Mat

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thanx for the memories, ladies!

On Sunday morning a sister (Katie) of my ex-husband (who passed away 8-21-10) died in her sleep. This poor family has lost 2 beloved members in 15 days! I was a member of it for almost 14 yrs and am very fond on them to this day! I am glad we have been able to reconnect after 23 years apart, but didn't want it to be this way. I have been looking through some old photos as a result of the NUMEROUS conversations I have had with them since the middle of August. We have been chatting like there was never a separation and the best part...I have been able to make contact with my ex's estranged son's family. Anyhow, I found this photo of us girls (I'm the little sawed off one) probably in 1985 or 1986 from a family reunion in Indiana.(Can't find the one of the guys yet) I can play that little video in my mind like it was just yesterday! This is what making memories is all about. I used a freebie called Plentiful by Shabby Princess and WA by Jennifer for this photo of the Talmadge Girls...(we are still these girls, except for Pat and Katie who are watching over us from above). We are getting some much needed rain and cooler temps because of Tropical Storm Hermine today and tonight...I'm not complaining about either. Kind of enjoying sitting here with all the lovely fun time memories. Hope your making your own to pull out sometime later to do the same. Chat more next time. Luv, Mat

Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Happy Birthday!

This is my employer and my is her birthday! She will be returning home from India today! Can't wait to catch up with her, she has been gone 2 weeks. I know she will be so very tired after that 24 hour trip, but I will be happy that she is home. Have a wonderful birthday Radha! For the rest of you Happy Labor Day and hope all are enjoying the last days of summer with family and friends making the most memorable of time shared! Chat more next blog! Later, Mat
(the photo is one I took while she was here visiting with me in April of this year and the kit is a freebie from Scrapiness)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Attitude says it all!

I had a great day yesterday with my friend Jill. She came by to see all the newest that had been done to my home and to "catch up". We shared a glass of Iced Chai tea and chatted for about an hour, then decided to do a little browsing and kitten loving in the Cat store and the Movie Trading Company's sidewalk sale...then over to her house for some more conversation and fajita dinner with her hubby Scot and children Taylor & Rachel and all the kitty cats (15?)! Was a wonderfully cooler day than we have had in a LONG,LONG time! We sat on the portico and chatted some more yet! Scot is building a kitty condo for my girls and needed some advice as to where I wanted the lounging ledges to be! My "girls" are just gonna love it! When he is finished will snap a shot for all to see! But....since I was out for a few hours (got home about 9:30 p.m.) neglecting my girls AND playing with other CATS (heaven forbid!!) my jealous girls copped an attitude with me...thus this page (see MzKitty sticking out her tongue)! I keep telling Oreo I was just visiting her sister, but she's having none of it :o)! I used the BG & frames from Sooze's Labor Day kit at SBF and MissScarlett's word art! Hope all are enjoying this terrific Sunday and are making lots of memories to look back on later! Will chat more next time! Happy Labor Day tomorrow!! Luv, Mat

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dennis!

Today is Farmer McBrown's, aka Dennis, birthday! He's a farmer, chicken plucker, maple tree tapper, dog milker, canner helper, kitchen faucet repairer, hunter and fisherman, as well as husband, father, grandfather, and hair style trend setter that loves to have juleps on the veranda at Rhett and Scarlett's when the "others" allow him to! Whew and I think I am a busy bee!! :o) Just repeating what I hear now!! Really, the "kitty girls" and I wish you a very happy and memorable birthday! Enjoy yourself to the max and hope you share many more of them. I actually got MissG to send me some photos of you to make you this greeting for your special day! So thanx MissG for sharing. I used several kits to put this together, Scrappin'Cop's Circle Stamp, Frame by Gunhild and the rest is Teapot Lady's Manly Thing kit. Thanx to all for your freebies and generosity in sharing them with me. Gotta go now as the storms are getting a lot closer (yippee, cooling rain this morning) so need to shut this 'puter down. Make lots of memories to share today and will chat with all y'all later! Luv, Mat

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Jan!

Today is Jan's birthday, so made her a card just to wish her a lovely and fun filled day filled with God's blessings and her heart's desires! May you share many more with Bill, Billy, Wukee and friends! I used a cluster from Raspberry Road, a freebie WA and a photo I took last Thanksgiving! Luv, Mat